by - Friday, July 13, 2018

Hyping up this time, with Gaston Luga's Classy Mini! I've been looking for a mini backpack for a while now because the Gaston Luga Classy was the only backpack I had, and it gets a tat bit inconvenient when I want to travel light. Especially if I am overseas and I don't bring my laptop around. Though it works perfect as a shopping storage bag because of it's capacity, but Kimmy carries it most of the time hahahaha.

So blessed girl I am, bestowed with a Gaston Luga Classy Mini at the most perfect time. Actually they always somehow know when I need to get a new bag, it's amazing. I love them so much, hahahaha.

Looking exactly like the original Gaston Luga Classy series, the Classy Mini has enough space for you to store all of your essential. Though a makeup pouch would probably not fit in if you have a long wallet like me. Then again, I only bring along my blush and lip tint when I head out, so it's actually pretty convenient!

I really love how Gaston Luga always has super sleek and minimalistic designs. Now it even comes in different sizes. What's more, the Classy Mini comes with changeable flap top that allows you to switch with other different colors as you wish! Making the Classy Mini suitable for any and every occasion!

You get a free flap top with every purchase now! And the flat tops comes in 3 different colors:
Pink, Burgundy and Brown

I got myself the brown one because it's very neutral, good for every occasion! Then again the black looks extremely good... I actually prefer the original more than anything else hahaha!

Of course they have plenty of other colors and designs on their websites. Just pop over and check out their website for different options:!

You can also get free shipping + 20% off as tax rebate (from non-EU country) when you make your purchase now.
On top of that, get 15% OFF the remaining price after the rebate check out with my unique discount code: veevi15!

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  1. This is a nice classy mini bag and it is looking very nice.


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