Just another day out.

by - Thursday, May 28, 2015

I've been hanging out with Kimmy a lot these days. We are practically stuck to each other everyday in fact... Like some kind of ultra overly attached couples that cannot be separated hahahaha. It's a good thing I guess.. He makes me feel really really secure. I don't have to question anything or doubt anything, Kimmy is always frank with me about everything in his life. Well, that leaves zero space for paranoia haha, it's good.

So we had yet another random trip out again yesterday........ I was late as usual. I think I'm gonna get dumped some day if I continue to be late like this lol.

Boyfriend went for his monthly dental appointment and had his braces tighten. Poor boy is not gonna be able to eat as much for the next one week hahaha.
We headed over to somewhere near my school for some chicken rice...... and then chill for a bit at LASALLE before heading over to Liang Court.

Wahlau, could had feast on some crepe if I wasn't ultra full after the chicken rice, hahahaha. But anyway! Bought some kickass ant killer from Meidiya because my house is recently infested with ants. Must be the weather, even ants moving house cause the ground is too hot, sigh.

And then we popped by 313, and hopped onto the korean bingsu bandwagon at O'ma Spoon.

Got me some Injeolmi Bingsu($12.60 for 2 pax). (Injeolmi is Soya bean.)
You know, it's extremely funny to see Kimmy sitting in a korean cafe or eating korean food in Singapore. Because he is legit Korean, sitting in a Korean cafe filled with Singaporeans is just funny hahahahhaha.

But anyway! The bingsu totally hit the spot. The weather was soooooo freaking warm, having the bingsu is simply awesome..... Plus it's injeolmi. God I love soy stuff, 8D
And it makes things more wonderful sharing the moment with you, hehe.

Life right now is perfect. I love you so much!

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