60 days to go

by - Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Some of you may have already knew. I am engaged and I am getting married this coming September! A lot had happened for the past 1 year because our initial plan for ROM was supposed to be in June 2018, so we could be in time for the collection of keys for our BTO. But our schedule was crazy packed so getting everything ready by 11 June 2018 was impossible. Kimmy was still serving his NS, and only had weekends off, and I was rushing for my graduating projects. And right after we attended Kimmy ORD ceremony, we flew off to Korea and Japan for our 1 month trip on the 10th of May. God we even almost missed our flight because we saw the wrong timing.

Long story short, June solemnization did not happen, and neither did Kimmy propose (Most of my friends were like, NO! DON'T MARRY WITHOUT A PROPOSAL!!), so we pushed back our dates to 30 September 2018. Well our key collection was pushed to next year's first quarter anyway, so lucky us!

Preparations is also undergoing right now. We booked a lounge at Raffles Town Club for our ROM ceremony, and had gotten my gown customized by Yulia. I swear Yulia is amazing, not sugar coating my words just because she is my sponsor but because she really made my dream came true! I first met her last November to discuss about gown customizations, at that point I wasn't even engaged yet hahaha. I just had a BTO coming which confirms the fact that I will get married some time this year. So being a girl, I was extremely ambitious with my wedding gown and had all sorts of ideas before I even knew what wedding I had actually wanted.

So I told Yulia, I want a dark dress for my gown, with glittery galaxy prints to it. It has to look cute, but classy too. And guess what? In early July, I received the first photo of my dress and I was blown away.

Yulia actually hand painted the prints can you believe it!! Now I can't wait for the rest of my gowns to arrive hahaha.

Gowns aside, me and kimmy had also thought of getting door gifts for my guests during the ROM. Then again, it is going to be a closed ceremony for just my immediate family, and most people don't give gifts during ROM right? Hahahhaha.

To be honest I don't really know if we are ready for the ceremony. Kimmy has yet gotten his gown, we have yet found a photographer for our ceremony... (Still contemplating between videographer and photographer.)

Location is set, solemnizer is set, food and time is set.... Yet to visit the printing shop for the invitations, and I will start working tomorrow.

Time is ticking and I feel like I still have plenty to do, yet I don't really have much to do.

Guess I should make up a check list soon just in case I miss out anything.....

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