Floral Garage: DOGGY2!

by - Wednesday, November 07, 2018

Whaddup everyone! I'm back again with yet another really special update because this time it's for a good cause hahahaha. I recently collaborated with Floral Garage to promote their new floral arrangement, The Doggy 2!

Here's a brief idea in case you've no idea what is Floral Garage's Doggy series about; they've actually collaborated with Oasis Second Chance Animal Shelter Ltd (OSCAS) to bring awareness to shelter animals, helping them to find a second home. And because OSCAS is a charity and non-profitable organization, they do not earn any profits to keep the shelter running.

Continuing with the success that Doggy had with Animal Lovers League collaboration, Floral Garage is inspired to create another new product to support shelter dogs and help OSCAS to continue their part in giving these strays a proper place to stay until they get a second home.

Here's what Floral Garage has up for grab:

A pot full of love in the shape of a maltese. Yassss, you read it right, this arrangement was specially designed to form a cute little maltese to front the pot!! Who would have thought you could do that with flowers. I mean like, flowers are so vibrant and colorful, who would have thought of creating doggos out of it. Not saying dogs are not vibrant but it's actually pretty weird to have a red/blue/purple pup, nahmean?

The best part? Part of the proceeds from this product will be donated to OSCAS. So you'll get to put a smile on the animals' smile while you bring on the sunshine for your loved ones! You can check out Doggy2 over here and send the love on its way to a fella doggo slave~ mehehehehe

Do join us and help these shelter dogs to give them a second chance. Help us make a difference to all of the rescued dogs in OSCAS!
Thank you so much Floral Garage once againnnnn!

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