MIUVO: FootDelight Massager!

by - Sunday, July 08, 2018

Want to own a massager of your own but always greeted with sky-high prices? MIUVO offers great massagers at a reasonable price for comfort. I was extremely surprised when I was asked to do a review for MIUVO. I was certainly skeptical like everyone else who saw MIUVO's listing for the very first time. Foot massager at only S$159? Who are you kidding?

So I asked my mom and Kimmy if I should take up this assignment because I don't usually do reviews for things that I don't believe in, and I am not the kind to believe in massaging gadgets. Mom got this back massage seat layer thingy and it had proven it's usefulness to a new low, and that cost S$300 over, my god.

Long story short, I took up the assignment, and the massager was delivered to me 2 days after I replied the email. Fast or what?! Okay, you probably feel like it is only natural that I get the best service because I am sponsored and all, but nooooooo. I searched up on MIUVO's reviews on Lazada, and many buyers feedback that they really received their massagers within a few days!

Happy me unboxed the massager almost immediately and had a look first. Didn't get to try as of yet because I was heading out at that point of time, but doesn't stop my excitement from receiving a new huge-ass parcel knocking at my door, huehuehuehuehue....

Did I forget to mention I almost dropped it when I was unboxing? Sharing that glorious moment with you guys.......

My heart stopped. Thank god I caught it in time!!

Here are few key points I summarized and posted onto my ig story the other day because many people were inquiring!

Going at only $179, this massager is a steal. This one-of-a-kind Singaporean foot massager design has both anion and heel massage feature, combined with soothing heat therapy, there are three different intensity and massage functions for you to chose from. Their manual also recommends what mode is more suitable for which situation! It really helps me a lot since I do quite a bit of event jobs, and I have to stand for long working hours. It gets especially painful if I gotta stand for 10 hours straight for 4 consecutive days during IT Shows. Those are the worst, I could barely walk the next day when I wake up.

I especially love that it massages the heels to help soothe the ache in my feet after work. It turns off on it's own after 15 minutes, so you don't end up dozing off and forget all about it the entire night later on. It is also not good to massage your feet for too long according to some acupuncture thingy, so having this timer really helps! I almost dozed off a couple of times sitting at the sofa with the massager on, but because I am a light sleeper, I become awake by the time I get onto my loft bed. -ugh-

Only downside is that the size of the foot pouches are a bit big, as I massage I could feel my heels slowly edging towards the back of the massager. Which is both good and bad because I get to massage my heels thoroughly, but then I would miss the footing for the ball of my feet. So what I do is keep wriggling around so I get best of both worlds hahahahaha!

Apart from the FootDelight Massager, Miuvo also carries a couple of other massagers!

KneadMaster Advanced, specializes for back aches; Good lord I need this so bad.

And the Portable Shoulder and Neck's PowerRest!

What? Chose one? Who am I kidding, I want them all to cover my full body, LOL. I might as well get their massage chair, in that case xD.
I am not young anymore, old bones and muscles need especially lot of attention, hahahahahaha.

Massage chair MiuDelight V2 Massage Chair

Yet to try, but I'm already sold. It looks super comfortable, and it is on offer now! Going at S$1,299? Freaking steal. I'd totally get it if my BTO comes next month, hahahahaha. Pfft, it's only coming next year.
If you are a fan of massages, you should not miss out the offers they have right now on their website. The FootDelight that I own is going at. S$159 now, and they also have many other offers on their website for you to browse from! Don't forget to share with me your reviews if you get it!


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