Yet another Saturday

by - Sunday, May 19, 2013

Yayyy! Another stay home Sunday! I've never thought how staying at home could be such a relaxing activity. I used to head out almost every single day and barely even stayed at home for more than 8 hours! Hahahhaa, horrible kid.

Yesterday was the last mob we did for the Gwiyomi Roadshow at Jurong Point. A little depress that it all ended because I'm so gonna miss the fun with the clique... But on the other hand, kinda delighted it's over. At least we could stop generating hates out of our performance.

Camwhore at Wendy's!

I guess they found each other as twins for a reason... Even the using phone position looks the same?! Lol!

Candid on the bus. Hahahahahaha the behsong face.

My #lotd. A lil too revealing.. Makes mental note to get proper tank tops instead.

Got our pay immediately after our last show! So we headed over to Cathay's Astons for dinner, hehehe. I know it's a lil bit far from Jurong la, but ya.... And then split with the rest after food cause most of them went back home, or went to pub. Me, Clint, Huixin and Don didn't really want to go and it was really inconvenient for me and Clint to head home from the area, so we went over to this Waffle store at Cathay's first floor and chill for a bit until the last bus!

Waffle Snack Set with Belgium Chocolate Ice Cream! Omg, this is dam nomzxc. I loveeee the ice cream!

My Hot Chocolate! Didn't know why they gave me the monkey when the picture shows an elephant. Probably I looked like a monkey... Hahahahahaha! But still super adorbs! ♥.♥ And the Hot Chocolate tastes awesome! Not too thick, but still rich with the cocoa taste, nhmmmm.

It's been a while since I last hang out until the last bus. School had been so busy I honestly couldn't recall what I did for the past 1 year except for school projects. So I'm really grateful to meet this bunch of people from CNOS. It's like they gave me a life out of my no-life life! If you get what I mean......

Don't get why I always look so dork whenever I do that face, hahahahahahahahaha.

Gonna kick start the week with a job interview tomorrow! Can't wait to see my wallet swell again!
And you know how life is good when you're living your dreams? I really can't wait to go ahead with the plans I have with the girls! It'll remain a secret for now. Would be embarrassing if the plan calls off, ^^"

Till then..... Thank you for reading!

Back to my Sunday afternoon nap.... XD


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