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Its been a week since I last updated! Apologies for neglecting you, my dear blog. Anyway, exams are at last, FINALLY over. What do I mean by FINALLY, is that... I actually failed my submission, and was called to resubmit my stuff last week.... so I've been constantly panicking and rushing my videos all over again. But now that I've submitted, there wouldn't be anymore chances to resubmit which also means, IT'S MY OFFICIAL HOLIDAYYYYYYYYYY!!
3 months, omg. Hehehehehehehe

Just last week, I've gotten me some horrendous eye infection and I swear life was hell. I was practically half-blind because it was really hard for me to open my eyes. And I had to wear shades indoor because even the lights itself stings my eye so bad I couldn't stop tearing. To such an extent, even using the phone makes me cry.

But I'm feeling much better now! Thanks to all the sleep and rest I've been taking, thus why I've been so inactive online recently, hehe.

A couple of shots from last Saturday!

Hahaha, sorry about the over-contrasted filter. Probably too sick of all the dull colors after being semi-blinded for a week.
With the flashmob crew. We did a Gwiyomi Flashmob last Saturday at Jurong Point!

Yes, we generated quite a bit of hate there.......

After the performance, I headed over to my cousin's place for Mothers' Day celebration! Feastingggggggg, hehehe.

My eldest aunt!

No, not my brother, not my cousin. Just the next door neighbour's annoying kid.

My cousin's hyper active Jack Russell!

Didn't really snap much picture because I was dying from the contacts.. Yes, that was how I got my eye infection. So you see, heavy eye make up and long hours of wearing contact lens doesn't go well together... Especially when you're super tired. It just contributes more to horrendous eye infection.

Anyway, lesson learnt. I'm never gonna forget my lens case anymore.

Lots of plans coming up next week! Can't wait to hang out with the girls! And I need a job. (How many times have I mention that now...?)

Thank you for visiting even when I'm not updating regularly!

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