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I was invited to food tasting session at Naked Fish Shoppe with a couple of other bloggers the other day! To be honest, I am not really a fan of fish cuisines because I've choked on bones before when I was really really young... But Naked Fish Shoppe changed my views on fish dishes!

Just a short fun fact:

Did you know?

Naked Fish Shoppe, a Western Fish & Seafood Restaurant was first launched in 2005. Naked Fish Shoppe is called Naked Fish Shoppe because fish don't wear any clothes? And the boss of the store, Mr.James Wong, wanted to add a little kinky feel to it, so he used the word "Naked"! Because anything that has the word "Naked", would attract people's attention!

Located at:


The Grassroots' Club,
(5 mins walk from Yio Chu Kang MRT Station)
190 Ang Mo Kio Ave 8 #01-02,
Singapore 568046
Tel: 6457 8223
Fax: 6452 0313

After a short introduction and recommendation by Mr.James, we proceeded to ordering the food! Of course, their signature dish is a must-try over there!

The signature dish, Mediterranean Seafood Platter.

Combination of Prawn, Mussel, Calamari Capelin, White Bait and Fish Finger Baked with Cheese!

Served with either Salad, Garlic Butter Rice or French Fries.

Mr.James explained how different fish tastes different because they have different texture and tenderness, so we were all really curious and we ordered quite a variety of fish fillets!

Before the main course, we had our starters!

Superb delicious Calamari Rings!
Unlike the usual Calamari Rings I usually eat, this one is reeeeaaally huge and it is surprisingly juicy! But not oily! I've once eaten a Calamari Ring that's like totally dried up... and I could only taste the fried bread flour that's totally soaked with oil..... I really like this and I wish I could take away some home!

Mushroom Soup!

Their mushroom soup is a die for. I'm like a crazy mushroom person, and it's definitely a no-no to miss this!

Lobster Bisque

Some other bloggers ordered this! I didn't get to try it because I chose my mushroom over le lobster... XD

Main Course

My choice:
Grilled Norwegian Salmon (Served with Hollandaise Sauce)

The salmon was well grilled and the Hollandaise Sauce goes really well with the meat! The skin was really crispy, so it added in a little of bit of the fried salmon skin taste to it! And the side vegetables tasted really sweet! I really like the carrots, and the black pepper sauce on the mash potato..... Most importantly, there isn't fishy smell to the meat! *Dayummmm*

Pan-Fried Marlin Fish Fillet (Sword Fish Fillet(Sashimi Grade) with White Pepper Sauce)

Another blogger ordered this! According to him, the meat is slightly harder as compared to the Salmon! There's 3 different grades to the fish meat's tenderness.
Like the Sword Fish is hard, Salmon is medium, and the Barramundi(Next dish) is soft!

Deep Sea Premium Grade Barramundi Fish Fillet (Served with Lemon Butter Sauce)

The one Huixin ordered! Took a small bite from her, and I wish I could chow down her whole plate, hahahaha!
The meat was really soft, and has this slight salty taste. It goes really well with the Lemon Butter Sauce! Nothing too salty or too creamy, like..... well done. Hehe.

Yet another fun fact:

Most local Barramundi fish are caught from lakes.
So as what the boss said, "You are what you eat.", so the fish would bring this muddy taste with them because the fish feed on mud and soil in lakes. But the Barramundi served at Naked Fish Shoppe are caught from fresh water, so they don't have this muddy taste at all!

Boneless Whole Milk Fish Fillet (Served with Lemon Butter Sauce)

I really thought this fish looked really cool. And initially, I really thought it looked like that. Like it's being cut into half, and there's only half of it on the dish itself, but no! It is cut into half. But it's being cut from the tummy up, to the fin area, and then spilt apart as a whole into what it is shown in the picture! Dam cool right?! Or probably it's just me because I don't cook...... Mountain tortoise....


Cream Caramel

I totally love the texture. It's not exactly creamy.. It just melts in your mouth! And the toffee sauce tastes superb! You know the kind of roasted toffee smell? The sweetness this combination gives simply makes you happy! I call it The Happy Caramel! XD

Honeydew Pudding with Coconut Milk

A really "Boinkkkkk" pudding that has really intense honeydew taste. It's as if I was eating the honeydew fruit itself except that I didn't get to taste the juice honeydew has, I had coconut milk as replacement! The slight amount of coconut milk balanced out the sweetness of the pudding, so that you'll never get sick of the overwhelming fruity sweetness, neither would you get sick of the coconut milk! Honeydew sago lovers should totally order this!

The session was overall really fulfilling. I had been having a crazy seafood/salmon/caramel/honeydew crave for the past few days, so the meal really hit the spot. I really like how the dish are grilled and pan fried in such a way that the smell itself is enough to drive your hungry soul crazy.

The prices are really affordable as well. Ranging from S$7.00 onwards, and they have different combo meals every month!
The restaurant is also very accessible! Located right next to Yio Chu Kang MRT Station, at the Grassroots' Club, about 5 minutes walk away.
Not to forget the affordable student deals they have to offer!

I am definitely going back there to try that really cool milk fish, hehe.

Now, camwhores from Huixin's camera after our meal. My iPhone failed on me again because my battery was draining at a rapid rate. Sigh... Time to get a portable charger...

With Estelle!

With the rest of the bloggers and the boss of Naked Fish Shoppe (Far right of the photo)!
Thank you Huixinhuixin for the photos! Mwahs ~
Visit her page for more unedited/unphotoshopped photos!! HAHAHAHA

Thank you and Naked Fish Shoppe for having me! I had so much fun there that day! Also, thank you so much UncleTehPeng for recommendation!

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