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After years of having non-existing eyebrows, I finally got down to getting my eyebrows embroidered. It was to a point where my friends would laugh at me not bringing my brows to out when I get too lazy to put on make up. Or, have the ends of my brows rubbed off whenever I take off my helmet. I’d end up with rectangular brows, HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. How hideous.

Anyway, after my eyelash extension visit to KOBROWS last week, they’ve decided to let me embark on my search of eyebrow journey.

So.... I will finally have proper eyebrows! (You have no idea how important this is). Your brows can literally change your entire look. Fierce, cute, sexy, whatever; brows matter. I can never be thankful enough for this opportunity to find my eyebrows, HAHAHAHA. It’s funny every time i think of it, where got people born with so little brow hair one /sobs

KOBROWS is conveniently located at the 1st floor of Marina Square, right opposite Carls’ Junior. So alighting at Promenade is probably more convenient or you can just grab/uber to the taxi stand, it’s right outside!

6 Raffles Boulevard, 01-230/231 Marina Square, 039594
TEL: 6996 0364

I started off with a quick brows consultation with my beautician, Daphne. And then Rebecca explained the procedure and pro &cons to me. Like the fading off, peeling, risk of infection that kind of stuff yknow. I was initially extremely skeptical because a friend of mine actually told me it was super painful, she cried during her treatment. And after it healed, her eyebrows became really patchy. Like it wasn't properly filled in with blank light colored spots here and there, which was extremely ugly. Rebecca further explained that usually happens when people itchy hand go and peel off the skin while it was scabbing. Eyebrows embroidery is very similar to tattooing, you should never peel off the skin while it's in midst of healing! Otherwise it'll risk the color being patchy.

Anyway, moving on. After signing all the paperwork on the pros & cons, I was led into the room for the treatment.

Started off with numbing cream for half an hour before we moved on to drawing of the brows to see what works the best for my face shape!

Daphne took quite a while because my brow bones are actually imbalanced, :( So burden.....

Proceeding on with the embroidery once everything is set! It is actually painless, but it feels quite sore. It did start to sting a little when the numbing cream went off, but you can always let your beautician know, then she will apply the numbing cream for you again!

Tadahhhh, final results! There's no downtime for the brows, like you could really just walk out of the salon and look fabulous. Healing process though, could be slightly hideous. Because it's gonna keep peeling and you will see bits and pieces of the dead skin sticking out. Mine healed in just 4 days, by the 5th day, most of the skin were off and I could wash my face properly already!

They will teach you about the after care once you are done with the treatment, and let you know what to take note and what to not.

Been saving so much time on makeup ever since then. Sometimes I don't even go out with any makeup on anymore, hahahaha.
Get your brows and lash ready for this CNY, book your appointments with KOBROWS before all the slots are taken up!

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