Hidden Gem of Singapore: G.Spa

by - Thursday, January 18, 2018

Not sure about you, but I am a sucker for spas and anything that could provide relaxation. I'm the kind that would be drawn into one as long as the exterior gives off an extremely comfortable look, hahahaha. A well needed vacay/staycay is extremely hard to come by, when the opportunity to try out a spa in Singapore came by, I couldn't turn it down.

Presenting to you......

G.Spa @ Guillemard!
102 Guillemard Road #02-02, 399719

A luxurious 24hrs spa and relaxation centre in Singapore, g.spa is a one-stop rejuvenating destination, offering a wide range of treatments for women and men. Their packages will have you covered from top to toe, and at the same time offering you the use of facilities such as hot and cold pools, jacuzzis, steam rooms and even saunas!

I received an invitation to try out g.spa in midst of all the crazy thesis work that is going on. With the above mention, tell me how could I say no? I agreed right away, and brought Kimmy along with me when I finally had more spare time on hand.

Greeted by the friendly stuff at the front desk, I was then brought into the changing room where the lockers and dressing area are, to get changed into the kimono provided by g.spa! The locker has a digital lock that could only be unlocked using the number tag they gave you upon entry. You will then use that tag to change your passcode for the locker, so it is extremely safe over here!

The kimono is extremely comfortable! There are different sizes so don't worry if it's too big for you! We headed over to the cafeteria for late dinner after we are done changing up. Kimmy looked like a Korean ajussi in the kimono, it's so funny hahahahahahaha.

Here's just a small variation of what they have over here! There are many other food on the menu for you to order too! They even have special dish of the day, but we were too late so it ran out. :(
My favorite is the assam curry, and their tuna sandwich, huehuehue. Last order at 10PM, there will be no more main courses for you to order after that. Only sandwiches, pau, some finger food, congee, and soup are available. Just ask the friendly staff around!

No fret for smokers either, because there's a designated room for you hahahaha.

Ladies can book an appointment at the front desk and have your nails done over here!

It was still Christmas season then, so the space was decorated with pretty Christmas deco all over!

I had some time before my massage starts at 11PM, thought I should I bring Kimmy over to the movie room and chilled for a bit with their humongous movie collection. Guess what? He was glued to the sofa immediately and started watching Star Wars. Hahahahahaha

The space is really quiet, you can actually take a nap here and you don't have to be afraid of people disturbing your sleep.

I headed over to the female jacuzzi room after my massage. God, the massage was so good, I dozed off right there. Hope it never have to end, HAHAHA. She cracked all of my bones, and loosen out all the tense muscles accumulated from my thesis stress. I haven't felt this relaxed in quite a while. x)

The space is surprisingly quiet for the ladies. I don't see much of them here at the jacuzzi room, in fact, I didn't see any. There is also a sauna room at this area, with showers available for you to wash up after everything! A pity tho, unlike the male's area, the ladies don't have a cold pool. We only have hot pool, haha.

Here's the guy's dressing area and pools. All located at lv 1!

I never actually enter la, hahaha. Kimmy took these photos for me. Look at how grand it is!!

The hot and cold pool is extremely huge too!! Seems bigger than the ladies @_@, how jealous....

G.Spa has different packages for you to chose from when you are there. You can get full body massage, feet massage, mani/padicure and all. All at different prices. Check out their website for more information! But the best promo now is still the S$38 promo. For just S$38, you get to enter this full fledge spa village filled with different facilities and perks for an overnight stay! Definitely more worthy than getting a hotel room outside hahaha.

Couple who wants to do couple massage can request for a room too. There is a private jacuzzi within the room where both you and your partner could dip in together!

S$38 promo allows admission from 11PM ~ 1PM the next day. Available from Sunday ~ Thursday.

Bring along your friends, and enjoy relaxation at G.spa if you haven't!

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