Mo-view: The Tag-Along

by - Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Finally a horror movie that actually scares me. I was initially super excited for this release because I am an ultra fan of Tiffany Hsu. I am such a fan I actually watched every, single, show/drama she acted in. Yes, that also means I am well aware of how Ethan Ruan cheated on her and made her fear marry him. Sigh, there goes that 8 years of love. It's a really long time man. Alright, alright, back to topic.

As I was saying, I am never the kind to get scared over a horror movie. Which is why I am never really a fan of it, because I tend to be able to x-ray the scene and imagine how it was filmed. But something is really different about this one that I recently caught with Kimmy.

Special thanks to Clover Films for giving us the preview tickets!

You know how most horror movie uses cheap tactics like jump scares, and audio post to scare the living hell out of you? It gets really annoying because the moment you get used to such jump scares, the whole movie seem pointless. Especially when every, single horror movie uses that same tactic, you would no longer fear watching one.

So I walked into the cinema waiting to expect the same old cheap tactic. Furthermore, it was Cheng Wei-hao’s debut feature. Was expecting plenty of flaws for a debut film, tbh.

To my surprise, I was actually scared.

Based on true story, the Tag-Along is a film about a little girl in red(mountain spirit) following you home when you visit a mountain. It was said that you should never call out somebody's full name when you're in the mountain for visiting, because the spirits will call out your name, and naturally, you would react to it. That's when you're gone. The moment you react to the little girl's call, you'll be captured to join them.

While adapting the actual story of the Little girl in red, the script also incorporated current affairs like deforestation. Mentioning how deforestation took away homes of these spirits, thus they are capturing humans as a revenge to replenish those missing trees.

Starring Tiffany Hsu and Oliver Huang, the movie brings you through a series of incidents that the little girl in red brought along.

Of course there were really bad CGI. But what really scared me was the setting of every scene. Everything is very normal, very common, very relatable. Which is probably why it got me.

There was a scene where Tiffany's Macbook started playing the video unknowingly on it's own while she was sleeping. That was something I've always been super afraid of.... Which gave me this habit of closing my Macbook whenever I sleep, and to make sure it is well kept before I go to bed.

The movie even brings you into the woods, back to the spirits' lodging area to show you the struggles of those captured humans. You have to fight your own fears to get out of that place, and break free from those spirits. Alright, alright, enough spoilers!

Don't forget to catch 紅衣小女孩 at your nearest cinemas from 21st January 2016 onwards!

Remember, don't call out your friends' name.

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