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by - Wednesday, May 22, 2013


*Drum rolls*


Cathay Cineleisure Orchard
8 Grange Rd, #04-02
Nearest MRT: Somerset Station
Opens until 2:30AM on weekends

You must be wondering why am I giving such an introduction, hahahahaha! I had another food tasting session with OpenRice.com the other day at Cineleisure's newly opened restaurant, Eighteen Chefs with some fellow bloggers!

That's Chef Benny on the right! Got the "DUN-DUN-DUN" feel right?! Anyway, thats the angry chef look. Hahahahaha, but he's really nice and friendly! And really really funny!

So we got seated and we were served with the starters and drinks!

French Loaf with Roasted garlic confit

Their cups are really cute!! It's like a container with a handle, hahaha. How I wish I can bring it home, X'D
And then we just did our usual stuff. Hang around, chat for a bit, get to know each other while waiting for the main course to be served.

And here comes the Heart Attack Fried Rice.

Look at the beeefffffff steaks! Omg. It's super juicy and tender. And it's medium rare!

It comes with this peanut sauce mixed with garlic and chili padi. You'll have to dip the beef with that sauce, then it will give a bit of the spicy and salty taste!

The rice in my opinion is a little bit salty. I mean.. There's a reason why this is called the Heart Attack Fried Rice... But if you're someone that goes for strong flavor, and you're a beef lover, this dish is absolutely perfect for you! Because it is artery cloggingly good.....!

After that we ordered the Cheesy Snack Platter.

I would totally tabao this cheese sauce if it's available for sale solely on its own. HAHAHA. I know I sound super kiasu, but the cheese is a definite die for!! It is reeeeaaally cheesy but at the same time not sickening cheesy. Like the kind where you eat a few mouth and you'll feel super sick of it. But this is simply the perfect sauce I'll use to dip everything I eat.... LOL.

Next up is this egg.

This is called the 64 Degree Egg. It is being cooked at 64 degree until it is perfectly cooked to achieve the thickened-but-runny texture!

A quote from Chef Benny:

"Egg cooked at 64 for an hour have yolks that are perfectly cooked to the thickened-but-runny texture."

So the bloggers had a challenge. We all took a straw and suck the egg instead of eating it straight from the plate or using a spoon. You can totally see the egg dancing when you suck it up! XD

Of course, how can we miss the desserts there! No matter how full we are, our stomach never fails to reserve a space for yummy desserts... Hehe. Eighteen Chefs has got this signature containers for their ice creams. It's so adorable you can never miss it when you visit the restaurant!

Just Chocolate in A Jar!
A really adorable name for this super deliciously adorable looking dessert, hehehe.
You know how I am not a fan of ice cream... But I'll gobble up anything that's chocolate? Hahahahahahaha. This sticky chocolate ice cream couldn't stop me from craving for more.

Black Beauty.
My god, I have to swear this is the best combination of brownies with ice cream I've ever eaten, yet. I hardly eat brownies because its super sweet, and I don't really like things that's tooooo sweet. But this brownie has the bitter chocolate taste, and the ice cream somehow, I don't know how, made the sweetness go away!

Raspberries and Vanilla Ice Cream Waffle

You see.. I am rather picky when it comes to dessert. Apart from disliking really sweet stuff, I also dislike vanilla... But trust me, I swept off the whole plate of this because it was THAT awesome.
I can never resist waffles! So their well-baked waffles is a plus point! And you know how vanilla has this really strong after taste? Yes, I hate it. But the raspberries balanced out the sweetness in the vanilla and the after taste doesn't linger in your mouth after that! So I just kept eating and eating, and it was just gone shortly after.... :x

And a photo with Valerie that day! Got to know her from the Naked Fish Shoppe session!

You know how they always say you should never say no to food? Head down to Cineleisure Orchard now and visit Eighteen Chefs!

Meanwhile, vote for your favourite eating places for Singapore Food Festival on OpenRice.com!

About Singapore Food Festival

Since its launch in 1994, The Singapore Food Festival (SFF) has grown to establish itself as a key attraction within Singapore’s calendar of events. SFF seeks to showcase Singapore's diverse food offerings inspired by our culture and heritage. For the entire month of July, look forward enjoying many unforgettable gastronomic experiences islandwide!

SFF is proudly supported by the Singapore Tourism Board (STB). In its 20th anniversary this year, SFF will reveal a new logo to commemorate the proud culinary identity of Singapore. The feature of the various key iconic dishes as the hero visual aims to highlight the importance of these food that are closely associated with the local food culture. SFF2013 continues the celebration of Singapore's unique culinary heritage through various events held islandwide.

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Thank you for reading! Xoxo

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