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by - Friday, August 02, 2019

I've adopted a kitty!

If you have been following my Instagram, you should know by now that I recently adopted a little fella called Mumu. I wasn't able to have roaming pets in the past because I was still living with my parents and we were living on the ground floor of this HDB block, super prone to pet escapes. Not even kidding. There's this household stray kitty that's been living around our estate for 12 over years once broke into my house and kidnapped one of my hamsters even.

We actually didn't have any intention to adopt a pet so soon because of my medical condition. We were also unsure if having pets are safe for me then, but somehow we found our way to SPCA and somehow met this poor little bugger hiding in a corner of her cage, which was also hidden away at the lower corner of the adoption area. We were really just there to see kitties since we were around the area, but hey hey, how can you resist a babygirl opening up to you and let you carry her when the caregiver mentioned she is a super anti-social kitty that gives no hoot about anybody else?

So ye, with those alluring blue eyes, I was sold. Kimmy signed the adoption papers without second thoughts, we didn't even know what we were getting ourselves into, LOL. Our place wasn't even ready then, and we didn't have the windows meshed. God, the carpentry and stuff were not even 100% fixed! Arrival of Mumu kinda pushed our lazy ass into finally shifting to our new place and get things moving though. I must say, she is the best decision I've ever made.

I never knew how stagnant life would get after discharge. I am really just playing the waiting game right now. Waiting for AOSD to finally go into remission before I can rebuild my life again. All I could do these days is really just sleep, eat, find entertainment, repeat. Forcing a quick recovery is really just gonna backfire and push me back to where I started. Learnt that the hard way with my recent relapse. Having Mumu around really made life less depressing.

Here's a frightened Mumu on her first day when we brought her home. She was so skinny(Extremely small for a 3 years old :() and her skin condition was so terrible, it was really sore and painful to touch. She kept crying, and wouldn't let us leave her sight for even a second. She would grab onto us or follow us everywhere we go in the house for the first few days.

She also sleeps with us at night, but more independent now that we've gotten her a hammock, hahahaha. She loves her kitty hammock more than our bed.

And here's Mumu, 1 month since we brought her home. All adjusted and cozied up in our space. Skin condition is improving, hope her fur grows out all nice soon, hehe.

OH. And follow Mumu on Instagram: @hellumumu!

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