On & On Diners: National Day Mini Buffet

by - Tuesday, July 30, 2019

I am so happy to announce that my home is 99% ready for us to move in! We are just a few carpentry work away from doing the final clean up, and shift all of our barangs and furnitures. That said, we have actually been staying at our new place since a few weeks back so it's easier for us to do unpacking and cleaning.

We had already pushed back the "move in" date for a month over due to me being hospitalized and all, so to not delay any longer, I held a mini housewarming for my family last weekend before the Hungry Ghost month hits! We were very lucky to be able to try out On & On Diner's latest National Day Mini Buffet Menu, specially crafted to celebrate the nation's birthday for my housewarming! Eternally grateful because ordering with them was fuss free and I really didn't need to worry too much except to think of what I wanna serve my guests for the day, hahahahaha.

If you don't already know, On & On Diners is a halal catering company with a total of 10 years of service experience. They started out in 2009 with an emphasis on catering food that is prepared with quality ingredients and healthier oils. Coupled with traditional local recipes, they whip up unique dishes for special events, giving their customers a different kinda spin.

Food arrived 15 minutes before the event started, nicely packed and warm in a huge thermal bag which you can keep after. We were given personal sets of cutleries as well as serving spoons for each dish! Everything well thought out of. I ordered the amount for 20 pax, and was super worried about leftovers because the food really seemed too much for 20 people. To my surprise, most of the dishes were wiped, and my family were all fed and satisfied!

Here's what I ordered!

My favorite was the Braised Beehoon, Buttery Salted Egg Yolk Fish and Lamb Rendang! That's also because I am to avoid seafood for now, so I didn't have much of the rest of the dishes. But I ordered anyway because who doesn't love seafood! It actually took me 3 days to decide what to order because their selections look so good, I am spoilt for choice.

And I really really really wanted the Belachan Fried Rice and Laksa Lemak Goreng but............ :'(

I didn't manage to take photos of the food because they started when I was away...... :'(
Saddest part was the whole tub of Honeydew Sago finished in just a span of 30 - 45 minutes after everyone was done with the main dishes when I was with other guests. I only got a small bowl for myself, sobs. Honeydew Sago is my favorite luuhhhhhhh!
But here's a few shots from my Instagram story before everyone arrived!

It's not a common sight to see minimal leftovers! Trust me when I say they were asking for more, haha. Oh! I also ordered myself a pot of Mala Xiang Guo, hahahaha! Craving satisfied with all dem spices right there. A pity my family are not exactly fans of spicy food, so I've had them all to myself, baha. Kimmy's favorite was the Lamb Rendang, he even dipped his Fried Ebi in the Rendang sauce instead of the given wasabi sauce,

My mouth is watering just at the thought of this amazing spread we had last weekend. Food is a really touchy topic for me right now. Due to my medication, there are a lot of things I have to avoid, and most of it are my favorite food. I get really upset and annoyed whenever I am told something I love is out of the list of things I can eat, sigh. Hence opting for healthier choices and quality ingredient became a part of my lifestyle these days. I am blessed to have On & On Diners catering for my housewarming, because they actually have food that I can eat, mehehehehe.

National Day is almost here, if you are looking to prep up your gatherings, why not try out On & On Diners' exclusive National Day Mini Buffet Menu? They also have other menus for you to chose from!

You can check out their FAQs here: https://www.onandon.sg/faq.php for setups and general enquiries. Follow them on:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/onandondiners/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/onandondiners/

Thank you On & On Diners for sponsoring my housewarming party. My guests really loved the food!

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