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by - Monday, January 11, 2016

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Received a whole range of ErucA hair care products from Samplestore a while back! I've always been the kind of person that throws insane amount of investment into haircare because I have really really brittle hair. I was born with really fine and thin hair, it can be a pain in the ass when it comes to hair care.

SampleStore is really nice to have given me an entire range for me to chose from. From Scalp and Volume, to Volume Up, to Moisture and Repair! Considering the amount of damage I do to my hair, all the hair dyes and bleaching from before, I am more of a Moisture and Repair person. Like what my stylist always says though, good hair shines from good scalp! So everything leads back to the roots where all the nutrients gather!

The Scalp and Volume contains specially selected seed oils help to restore balance to your scalp, and moisturizing hyaluronic acid repairs and alleviate common scalp problems!

There's also all natural botanical oil extracted from cowberry and billberry seeds that helps to revive and restore your hair and scalp.

Not forgetting the ultra aromatic scent of the shampoo and treatment! It smells so sweet like some kind of grape syrup, hehehehe.

Afterwhich, you can also use the Scalp and Volume Hair Mask to give your scalp a really good and relaxing massage!

Just a few simple steps, and you can leave your scalp clean and tingly!
I really like how scalp treatments always leave my scalp feeling cool and minty hahaha. It gives off a really clean feeling.

ErucA Volume Up series

This series isn't exactly what I am looking for, but I got my mom to try it instead. Like the other shampoo from ErucA, it smells extremely nice! The silicon-free formula also clarifies the hair and scalp without stripping off essential oil!
The volumizing ingredient creates volume from roots without having to use harmful hair products. You can now achieve more volume without having to tease your hair, or use multiple products during blow-dry!

My personal favorite is the Moisture and Repair series!

It gives off a rosy argan oil smell, and helps to make hair more manageable. Not only does it not strip natural oil from your hair, it also helps to retain the natural oil and keep your hair looking luscious and frizz-free!

You can see the drastic difference just after 1 usage! No blow-dry, or straightening at all! It's still a little bit scattered but you could see the frizz is gone and it's more moisturized!

Not only did it maintained my frizz, my classmate asked me today whether did I went to do rebonding. Because my hair looked so tamed and tidy! This is no doubt my favorite shampoo right now. Makes me smell like I just walked out of a salon after some professional cleansing, hahaha.

People with colored and damaged hair should really give this shampoo a try, :) This one's definitely worth it!

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