Hello 2016.

by - Saturday, January 02, 2016

Holiday did not just end at my Taiwan trip. Booked an impromptu staycation with Shanelle over at Studio M Hotel to kickstart the brand new year! It was pretty pricey since it's the 1st of January... No idea what's the hype, but aiya, yolo hahahaha.

We started off arriving at Studio M @ around 2:30PM for check-in but to end up not being able to get a room because "the rooms were not ready." So we registered at the reception and waited for them to call us for check-in. Headed over to Bugis to kill time while waiting to end up not receiving a call at all after 4 hours. But anyway, we managed to check-in at 8PM, and got our check-out time extended until 4PM. Not so bad after all!

After all settling our stuff at the hotel, we went to Ju Shin Jung for some really kickass Kbbq. Most of the other restaurants around the area were closed and we didn't really have much choices to chose from, :(

The food was good though extremely pricey. Serving was extra huge because we order 4 buffet sets hahahaha. The side dishes were a killer.

Even though it was a buffet, to be honest, the serving was so huge we could barely finish up all the food. I'd recommend it is more worth it to only get buffet if you are going in pax of 2. Otherwise just get the ala carte menu!

We were then served with some refreshing plum/berry drink and watermelon to ease digestion. I can drink that all day!

Headed back to Studio M and did a quick photoshoot for Shanelle after that. Turned in soon after because it was almost 2AM by then. Especially after such fulfilling meal, I think the four of us suffered some legit food coma ah. Hahahahhaha.

Breakfast was a disaster. We had to queue again for breakfast because there wasn't enough seat at the buffet area. And the food wasn't exactly fantastic. They can't even boil an half boiled egg properly, :/ Studio M Hotel actually has really good customer service. Some of the counter staffs are really friendly and they'll greet you whenever they see you at other parts of the hotel. Apart from that, the food and their tardiness from the rest of the staff is pure disaster. We had to wait hours for check-in, and got to wait almost 30 minutes for our breakfast as well.

The room is pretty cosy tho! Since we had until 4PM for check-out, and we woke up at 9AM for breakfast...... We kind of chill all the way until it's time to leave.

Starting 2016 by training my patience. I guess it's telling me I have to be patient for the rest of this year because there are bound to be more stuff around to test my limits.

It was overall fun since I hardly have the chance to let loose like that and splurge without giving a care. Just a pity because I don't get to splurge in Taiwan... My salary was delayed for a month and I didn't have enough to spend over there. Sigh.

Hope I'll have a chance to return again when my pocket is more flexible. I'll make do with a small staycation in Singapore for now.

Happy 2016, everyone!

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