Movie Review: The Beauty Inside

by - Thursday, December 17, 2015

If you've loved "Our Times", you're gonna love this even more.

It's been a long long time since I've seen a script this good. No cheesy high school love story, or hair standing cinematics. Commercial director, Baek Jong-yul made his first film directorial debut with the rewrite of 2012's social film of the same name, The Beauty Inside.

The Beauty Inside tells the story of Kim Woo-jin waking up in a different body every day. He changes into an entirely different person, regardless of gender, age and race. Woo-jin sometimes turns into a woman, sometimes a man. He will even change into a little kid, or a foreigner even though he is really just a normal Korean man.

Woo-jin is always the same person on the inside, but looking different on the outside. Even so, Woo-jin meets the love of his life, Yi-Soo at a funiture store one day, and tries to capture her heart and have her accept the fact that he is an ever changing man.

The film further progress to tell you how Yi-soo struggle to date Woo-jin upon knowing his secret, and to finally accept him as himself, not caring about how his appearance changes everyday.

The film had garnered widespread of attention when the project was first announced. It stirred many people's attention with it's storyline, and it's extraordinary character developement.

With 21 different actors acting as Kim Woo-jin, and there isn't even a fixed Woo-jin in the film at all!
It can get pretty confusing if you crash late into the cinema, so do be on time for the movie and pay attention throughout! Because every single detail in the movie counts! And every single scene in the movie tells a different story.


That also means our lucky Dong yi, I mean, Han Hyo-joo, gets to date 21 A-list actors too. Yes, she actually kissed the girls as well, THAT INCLUDES PARK SHIN HYE! (Wait, did she?) Hahahahaha.

As expected of the commercial turned movie director, the whole film has this really nice coloring that makes you feel as if every single scene is out of a classic Korean commercial. It's a really bold attempt to be honest, because he has to make sure all the actors portray Kim Woo-jin the same. And it is amazing because you can instantly tell who's Woo-jin and who isn't even though he changed body.

The storyline is also another tear jerker. You know a film is good when you have the entire theatre laugh and cry along with you. There are humorous moments when the entire crowd laugh together, and there are also moments where you start hearing people sniffing from all around you. How often do you get to watch a film that touches the crowd so intimately these days?

Catch "The Beauty Inside" in all Golden Village cinemas from 17th December 2015 onwards! If you have loved "Our Times", you'll definitely love "The Beauty Inside". Don't miss it!!

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