First Christmas with you.

by - Saturday, December 19, 2015

I've always loved Christmas. Not because it's holidays, but because it's always winter season when it's Christmas. Hahahhahaha and I really really love winter!

Christmas this year is really special for me. I am going overseas again, but this time, with my parents and Kimmy. What made it more special is that this is the first time I got my parents something officially after starting to earn my first stable salary, a paid trip to Taiwan!

And this is also the first time, my parents have accepted a boyfriend of mine without any complaints. I was extremely surprised when mum actually asked me if I want to bring Kimmy along on our trip or not, and naturally I did.

This year is also the first time my zChristmas is not just a text message or a normal day. I popped by the Christmas Wonderland, I got my first ever Christmas gift and also got the best Christmas gift ever.

2016 started early for me. I have back to back projects pending, and job opportunities opened for me. I hope it'll go on like this for the rest of 2016, and move on to better places in 2017! Hahahhahaha, big dreams... But it's better than not having any purpose at all.

I'm so glad to have met so many people who are always ready to pick me up when I fall. And more than just grateful to have known friends who are always guiding me to better places.

&Thank you, love. For this lovely gift. :3

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