is finally opened!

by - Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Yayyyyyy! Christmas came early for me when I received an email stating's launch. Being the ambassador has it's perks. I got to shop first hand off the site, and also spending the rewards I get from all my referrals!

The site was relatively easy to navigate around. Just search for the brand you want and the whole list will pop out!

All these just cost me SGD$140? With entirely free shipping! And the best part, they deliver the next day. Not even joking about this, I was utterly surprised because I ordered the items on a Saturday. It came on Sunday?! (Who works on Sunday?!)

And I finally restocked my favorite lip sticks after losing my entire make-up pouch 2 months back. Who the hell steals make-up pouch? You gross human, used make-up also want to steal, :@

2 of the many colors from 3 Concept Eyes that's available on website! They have so much to chose from I am spoilt for choice. Took me 3 hours on the site just to chose this 2 colors out of all the lip candies that's available on the site?!

I forgot what swatches were these(This is why nobody asks me to do beauty reviews), but aren't they gorgeous? Hahahahaha

With that said, it is all thanks to you lovely people who joined me on board @ that I get such a fulfilling retail therapy! Don't forget to share the word, and get yourself prepared for Chinese New Year!

Remember, more referrals means more rewards! :)

Have fun shopping!

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