by - Sunday, June 10, 2012

It's an awesome Saturdayyyyyyyyy!! Le boyfriend booked out so we decided to finally head out to IKEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!

Okay, I have totally no idea where is le boyf looking at, but he still look cute right?! I love his botak head. Hahahaha!

We headed out at about 3PM, and kind of got lost at Queenstown while trying to find the right way towards IKEA, and ended up reaching IKEA at about 4. And we did not eat anything from the moment we woke up, we were so hungry I swear our tummy could float because it's filled with too much air.
So the moment we stepped into IKEA, we made sure we make a beeline towards the cafeteria(HAHA!). And then grab a random empty seat next to a Mommy and her lil girl, left our bags and ran for the queue!

Of course! Since we're at IKEA, must eat their signature Meatballs right!? And my favourite Smoked Salmon and Poached Salmon. Okay la, enough of the text. Photo looks more delicioussssssss!

Baby's Meatballs Spag! It's a set actually. With a Chicken Wing and a bottle of Cherry Sparkling Soda drink! Didnt take a photo of those because we were too hungry haha.

My Poached Salmon with Potatoes!

And my favorite Smoked Salmon, yummms.
Looks damn nice right! Whole meal cost about SGD22! Wanted to get second serving but we saved our tummy for something even more delicious, hehehe.

After food, we went around to look at some showcases and looked for my bed sheet and quilt cover! Was debating with Clint if I should take the black bed sheet with red quilt or the other way round..
So I ended up getting the black quilt and red bed sheet, lol. Feels damn huat if I don't switch out my current red quilt cover, xD

Then we walked back to glass and mugs area to get the shot glasses that Clint wanted.
Had a hard time choosing the glasses seriously. It was filled with scratches and defects. But we still managed to get a set of nice one la, hehe. We were standing there switching boxes and boxes of it just to get a set of nice looking ones. People must had thought we were some sort of weird couple that has a fetish for shot glasses, ._.

Guess what's up after checking out our goods? Of course it's teh awfully awesome IKEA's hotdog bun! Seriously, how can anybody miss that when they're at IKEA. The smell itself is already so alluring la, wtf.
How to resist you tell me?! Now that's was what I was referring to hehe.
Something so much more delicious! But it's not a decent meal ah. So we headed over to Queensway Shopping Center and tabao a bowl of the famous Katong Laksa home for dinner!

And that's our Saturday! It's mostly about food, again. Boyf and me are pretty big eaters haha.
And we can't resist tasty goodies. :P

Big surprise coming up! I hope it'll turn out good hehe.

Alright, see you soon!

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