Sick again

by - Friday, June 08, 2012

As the title says..... I realize I have this lazy virus in me that causes me to fall sick whenever I wake up early just for work. I mean seriously! Only work! If I ever wake up early consecutive 2 days for school or work, I'll definitely start getting flu bug in me, and then my whole system would start a war inside me. By the time you know it, all the sore throat, fever, headaches, cough are there already.

This doesn't even happen when bby wake me up in the morning just for breakfast. Ill still be alive and kicking. Unlike now....... Dragging my feet to work. Coughing all the way with so much phlegm in my throat. I feel like a choked sewer now.

And I'm really unlucky today(?!) The moment I step out of my house, I see raindrops starting to descend. Then it started pouring. And so I ran la, don't want to get wet what! But then, I still got drenched. And then I missed my direct bus to Vivo, so I took the bus to interchange. I was all wet, sitting in a super cold bus. My god, I felt like I was in Narnia.

After I reach the train station, I missed my train, wtf. Idw to continue bragging about how unlucky I am today anymore. I have this strong feeling it'll only make me even more suay. Bby' finally booking out tonight. Things will be good okay!

Whoop whoop! Ending the post with my over contrasted face.

See what I mean when I say iPhone's front cam was bad?!

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