Last Saturday

by - Monday, September 15, 2014

Last Saturday, I had an impromptu meet up with Angela after a short casual chat on Instagram. We both decided we should get out of the house when we are sick instead of coping up at home which will make us feel much worse. And I also decided I should ditch work/assignments for a day because school had been pretty hectic it is draining my life soul out. Eye's still bit swollen from the fever, :(

After much stalking online for the past few years, I realise this is one of the must have cab/car shot whenever you ride a vehicle. LOL.

We agreed to meet at 313 because I wanted to go H&M and do some window shopping. You know I don't really buy much clothes. I only SLT(See-look-try) most of the time, LOL. Im serious ok!!!

Love this topppp! But it's $29.90.... T_T"

Not bad right?! But don't have my size... This piece is a little too loose, :(

Angela bought a couple of shorts and dresses. Some really gorgeous one on offer! Swear we were damn lucky. There were quite a few offer shelves, and we were lucky enough to find cheap and nice clothing, #omg

After which, we headed over to Cineleisure Charlie Brown's for some dessert!

Snoopy Lava Cake...... Not fantastic. $8+ for this.... A bit not worth it... tbh..

My $9+ Aglio Olio. SUPER SPICY. But okay lah, the taste is acceptable. Except for the amount of chili padi thrown in. -_-"

Selfie and more selfie.... Hahahahhaha.

Ryan and his friend joined me after his performance at SCAPE*! And we went to Nene Chicken for dinner. I know I ate a lot, but the food at C.Brown is really bad LOL. Maybe I'm too anal.. Because I can bake Lava Cake and cook awesome aglio, :3 HAHAHHAHA.

Anyway. We had our dinner fixed at Nene Chicken before going home! It was gooodddd!! SHOOOOOO GOOOD. My favourite ayam now, hehehe. Then we headed home, and I am in for yet another round of editings to do.

Project week in just a week time!! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!! IT IS FINALLY WEEK 7 OF SCHOOL OMG! I can't wait for Week 8. It'll be a week break for us before we continue on with Term 2. Time passes extremely fast seriously. The work load is insane, but I guess you get what you pay for lah. My school fees isn't too cheap, ahem......

1 more week to go and I can finally get my rest! Maybe I'll book a 2d3n staycation during the weekend after I get my pay, hehehehe. I cannot waitttt, cannottttt!

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