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by - Monday, September 08, 2014

Are you a fan of tumblr images? Do you love cute little gif pixels and graphics? Have always wanted to get them printed out in ultra good quality sticker papers, but cannot find anywhere to get it printed at an affordable rate? Here's a super good lobang for you!!

A few weeks back, I was planning a 7th monthsary surprise for Rae when I found out about Eighties Paper! Being a drama queen, I've planned a series of games where I will actually require quite a bit of stickers here and there, so that I can get Ryan to hunt for the puzzles and finally get his surprise gift.

So Eighties Paper generously sponsored me a series of self-customised stickers!

Actually my initial plan was to stick all over his place instead of doing it the envelope way.... Then I remembered Ryan has 3 cats and 1 dog at home. And one of his cat loveeeeeeeeees chewing on papers. ._.
So plan was called off and I ended up using the stickers for other purposes hahahaha.

Their quality is extremely good!! Not pixelated and blur at all!! Super amazing for something so affordable!

Printed out those cute little ash, 8D And quite a bit of pokemon stuff! Since Ryan is quite a fan of pokemon, hehe.

So how Eighties Paper work is that, you have to find the stickers that you want. Whether online/offline, or you can design it yourself, like what I did. And then fit them into a A4 size jpeg file! After that just email it to them, and you're done!!

Another one of my favourite, pixel arts and speech bubbles! I think it's extremely cute lah, seriously hahaha.


Eighties Paper sells the cheapest sticker paper in town! They have plain stickers available at only $0.60/sheet for preorder, and $0.70/sheet for in-stocks.
Customized stickers at only $2.20/sheet! They also have ready tumblr stickers at different prices! You can check out their site for more information!

(Minimum order of $10 required.)

Don't forget to follow them on Instagram, @Eighties_paper too!!

Here's one of my favourite.....


Will update about Ryan's treasure hunting journey next time, hehehehehe.

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