Project Week

by - Tuesday, September 23, 2014

It's finally a break from all the nonsense. Something I can't wait for and obviously can't let go of. So it's project week now, which means I have 1 week off from having to entertain assholes in school. Tbh, I'm starting to dread school more and more as time passes. Because true colours of everybody slowly shows and they are obviously nothing more than a bunch of losers who can't step up on their own. And all they do is leeching off people's working and trying to claim credit that obviously don't belong to them. Okay not everybody. Just some of them... SOME. Maybe 3.

To make things worse, scumbag decided to try making use of almost everybody in class and bitch about people who are more superior than him. It's been a while since I last saw a guy as bitchy as this fella. I remember the last time I met a bitchy guy, he tried to rule the world.

(By writing this I consperm-gehrantee-pruss-chop will kena bitch about again, LOL.)

Anyway. It's Tuesday today. I have my usual dose of sleep by waking up at 2PM, change my hamster's litter and yadah, and then here I am. Wrapping up in my blanket pretend I am a burrito. A burrito that uses gadgets, that is.

I initially wanted to awaken my inner baker/chef and do some MasterChef roll out at home when the assignment red light alert killed it. Like dafuq, it's project week I know I know!! But I absolutely do not want to do my assignments, can you just staph and continue to go into hiding?! Don't come out, just don't come out!!!

But you know la, I don't have a choice. Why would I want to risk failing again. I've already come so far.... Sigh.

Sometimes I really feel I am not destined to meet nice people. Of all the nice people I know of are either just a hi-bye friend otherwise they are simply working colleagues. Truth is, I don't actually have any friends I can rant and actually trust all my rants stay where it is to. Okay I do, I actually do. But you know how weird it is to be complaining about things they absolutely have no idea about to them? They can't give constructive comments, neither are they able to comprehend things. And they'll judge you because it seems so minor when they don't understand how things work.

Perhaps it's because all the industry I am involved in consists of 80% bitchy people. All of which I am usually pretty wary of and don't talk much to. You'll be surprised how these people can always get away with bitching about others but when you do it, you'll land yourself in deep shit. But then again, pretty people like them always has the privilege hahahaha. Nobody will ever be able to get angry at you. (Must not forget the fact I am just a little potato.)

Did a quick tongue twister challenge with Ryan last week. Nothing special, but umm... Ya.

Some nice viewer created this gif of us!!

Idk about you but I think it's really cute, hahaha. Maybe he was out to mock me cause I look retarded but who cares, XD

Okay I am having extremely bad headache, and craving for Pastamania mozza stick. I think I'm going to sleep now, hahahaha. That awkward moment when you don't know how to end a post.......


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