Ash with ash!

by - Monday, August 25, 2014

Bello!!!!! I finally finally finally got myself some time to head down to Naoki Yoshihara by Ash to have my faded blonde touched up! It is so hard to find time out from this crazy school timetable to pamper myself. It's weird how I have lessons all the way until 8PM some times. Yep, 10AM ~ 8PM. I am obviously always late, as usual. XD

Anyway. I've got my hair touched up for the upcoming COMEX show! Not too sure if I am working yet, because company hasn't contact me for training, :( But I sure do hope I'll be working, hahahaha. Need income, T_T

Went to look for Kelvin last Wednesday and told him I wanted ash colour. Without saying much, he went in and came out with the colour I want. Like I didn't even tell him what kind of ash I want!! Lol! It's quite amazing actually. I think most of my stylists know what kind of hair I like already after so long XD

Super chio! I've always loveeeeee ash colours! But due to the fact that I used to rebond my hair a lot in the past, I cannot bleach my hair. And Ash colours always end up brown on my head, :(


I was born with natural indian curls. So I had to rebond my hair to get rid of the curls which I absolutely detest, lol. I think I might appreciate it for a bit now..... But the moment it grows out, it is sooooooooo messy, I honestly cannot stand it. -___-"

Urm, candid selfie? LOL. My camera has a censor to help you take photos handsfree. So I was adjusting my hair and accidentally triggered the censor........

My classic "si-bei-nua" pose, lol. Honestly don't like how sluggish I am some times. But can't help it, :(


Look at how my new hair colour compliments my skin tone!! It makes me look fairer like korean, 8D
I loveeee fair fair skin. 8D

Thank you Naoki by Ash! Once again, successfully performed magic to my half-dead hair.

A friend told me I look really stress up in these few photos. Actually I just visited the doctor today, because I've been having on and off fever for the past one week, :( And the doctor said I had over-exerted myself and I am dehydrated all due to stress. And that I need to rest more...... So..... I'll be having 2 days MC!!

But..... I have something important to see to tomorrow. So the MC is useless. Fml.

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  1. doesnt constant dying of ur hair make them dry and rough? :o



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