Girls, you have your rights.

by - Sunday, August 24, 2014

We all know how to fall in love. We all know how to get into a relationship. We all know how love hurts, but what we all don't know is, how to end it all. It is easy to fall in love. It is easy to go into a relationship. It is easy to put love above all things and make it the biggest part of your life, and putting every other things down while you indulge yourself in that one spurt moment of what you think, is true love.

To be extremely honest with you, true love is a lie people tell so that they can cheat themselves into believing every person they met is the right someone. You see. What actually happens is that, you met someone, you think he/she is your true love. And then shit happens, you break up. You meet another special someone, and you deem that person is your true love again. It's an undying cycle. It just goes on and on until you decided to settle down and stop thinking true love exist. Well, I may be wrong.

I once had a relationship that I mistook for love. I was saved from abusive stalkers, and I felt really really grateful. I was so touched, I got blinded in that moment. By the time I realized, it was too late. That was not love.

To cut things short, I asked for a break up to make up for my grave mistake. And here's where the problem comes.

Breaking up shouldn't be a mutual decision.

My boyfriend of that time did not agree to it. And the entire relationship went on for 2 years without me loving him. But I only realized this after our break up a year back. You could say it's sympathy, you can also call it gratitude. Honestly, I have no idea what to call it other than I am totally being a bitch.

But anyway. I've recently read up on this couple of articles about guys getting abusive because the female party wants a break up. To be honest, what I really feel is that, everyone has their freedom to different options in life. And that should not be affected by anybody or anything. And a break up should not be "disagreed" to.

In fact, accepting a break-up will actually make getting back together a lot easier. End it short and sweet. It'll start making girls realize the guilt and that moment of lost. You know, that sense of, "What? Does he not love me at all? Why is he agreeing to it so easily?" She will then start regretting her decision and think through it again. Unless she is just playing around with you, that'll be a total different story.

But you get what I mean right?

It irks me seeing guys getting abusive just because the lady wants to leave. Do you know making things ugly will only push her even further away from you? You are literally making love hurt. Who in the right mind would slum themselves into such plight? But then again, we've only seen just a small fraction of the world.

Humanity is gone.(Maybe not all.) So ladies, you have your rights. Love yourself.
Don't be stupid. Do not give in just because he begs and gets abusive. Call for help, and get on with life. But if you are not the kind that swings this way, then I guess.... umm... It's okay.

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