CASIO Pomrie: Rubber Stamp Maker

by - Monday, September 01, 2014

Hey guys! Been a while since the last update. I've been working on my work just so I can have my weekends free for COMEX 2014. During this show, I was introduced to this extremely cool product from CASIO. It is actually something I've always wanted to have but too poor to get, hahahaha.

It's the CASIO Pomrie Rubber Stamp Maker!

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Have always wanted to customise a unique rubber stamp of your own but it's too costly to get it customise in stores? Now you can with Casio Pomrie! Casio Pomrie is a thermal printer that allows you to print your desired image on the rubber that's attached to the stamp! They also have a software that you can use to design your stamp with the designated dimensions and link to the printer for printing. The software itself also has a bunch of default designs for you to use if you are too lazy to design! It even works with photographs! Super cool right?

Stamp printed with my face.

This stamp is actually super popular in Japan, and was released early this year I supposed..... Now it is finally in Singapore!! You can even customise the colour you want on different parts of the stamp! Like you can have the hair black and the face green.... We have Hulk. LOL. But no lah, I didn't have my face green. XD

Chose brown because I like warm colours!

Just drip the colour on the printed area, and the "sponge" will absorb it up! Give it about 10 ~ 15 minutes to fully absorb, then stamp it until the excess colour are off!

And it's done!!

Can't really see my body because I was wearing white. Hahahaha. If you want your body to be seen, remember not to wear white! But don't you think a floating head is cool too? XD

And it comes in 7 different sizes from 15mm x 15mm onwards!! 8DDDDDD Perfect for a signature stamp! Can also give to your friends as a gift, or make pretty customised greeting cards!

You can watch the full process of making over here! But it's in Japanese though.... Aiyah, it is super easy to use and dummy-proof. No worries hahahaha

The stamp maker was on for pre-order during COMEX 2014, not too sure where you can get it for now! I'll update again once I get the information ok!

I can finally chop my face on my boyfriend. HAHAHAHAHAHA

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