Day 9: Tsukiji Fish Market, and everything random!

by - Saturday, July 19, 2014

28 June 2014, Saturday

We woke up extremely early again today!! Okay maybe not exactly early... But it's one of the few earliest hahahaha.
So we woke up early and decided to visit the Tsukiji Fish Market!! In case you have no idea, Tsukiji Fish Market, is one of the super famous Tuna Auction markets in Tokyo! And they serve the freshest sashimi ever. And I really mean, FRESHEST. SASHIMI. EVER.

We arrived to a wet Tsukiji Fish Market because it was raining while we were inside the train. The trip there wasn't exactly easy for us because we had to do 3 transfer just so we could make our day-pass worth. And the day-pass does not include private and JR lines, which are actually the lines that makes it much more convenient and easy for us to travel around Tokyo!

We initially thought we arrived at the wrong place because we don't see any stores at all. But we decided to walk through these humongous gates anyway to discover what's inside hhahahaha. And I'm glad we did!

Yep! At the right place! Tsukiji Fish Market!

Look at those Sushi knives, 8D

Further in is the place where they hold their Tuna Auctions!! You will have to make reservations to watch them bid for Tunas. The auctions is held at 5AM in the morning. That's like 4AM Singapore time. Me and Ryan obviously won't be able to wake up LOL. So we decided to strike the auction out of our itinerary.

Anyway, our main point of visiting Tsukiji is to try out their said ultra sweet and fresh sashimi. And being a Singaporean, we obviously queued for the store with the longest queue...... LOL. #shamelesslykiasu

Then again, I've read reviews about this store online as well! Read that it was the cheapest. And I recognised their signboard/menu, so we didn't really think twice lah. Just queue only, since the queue seems long enough to proof it's yummy(?!) LOL.

It took quite a while before we managed to get a seat inside. The whole restaurant is so cramped! It's just a stretch of path in and nothing else. People are just sitting at the counters and having their meals, like those traditional Japanese restaurant kind of thing! Those that you see in Naruto manga/anime hahahahha

Food was served to us extremely quickly because they took our orders before we were even called to our seats. So the moment you sit down, they are ready to serve you your food!

They only serve sashimi dons here. So me and Ryan ordered 3 bowls of rice not knowing that it's all rice at the bottom. (Which is actually quite a scary amount of food for 2. No wonder the lady gave us a questioning look when we ordered 3 bowls, LOL.)

Mixed Tuna bowl! I swear this is extremely good. Tooooo good. This made me love Tuna even more, *melts*

Price: 950 JPY

Mixed Sashimi bowl! This was the first time I've tasted sweet Sea Urchin instead of smelly Sea Urchin, omg. And the prawn is SOOOOO SWEET. They even have fresh "minced" crab here. (Y)

Price: 1,650 JPY

My Salmon-Tuna bowl! Hehehehehe. I loveeee Salmon! But since arriving in Japan, I'm more to Tuna instead of Salmon now hahaha.

Price: 1,600 JPY

Some random fried King Prawns that other customer ordered. It appeared right in front of me and it's HUMONGOUS, hahaha.

Every bowl of rice ordered is being served with a small bowl of pickled cockles and radish plus a cup of oocha! I love how most restaurants in Japan serves you complimentary oocha as long as you order food from them! Even if you are packing food home, they'll serve you tea while you're waiting for your food to be ready!

Our random mix of sashimi bowl because we are sharing our food, hahahaha.

Ryan just being Ryan...... XD

The bill came to a 4,000+ after the taxes and stuff. I wouldn't say it's extremely cheap here, but the prices are reasonable considering how a bowl of such fresh sashimi could easily fetch you a 20 odd dollars in Singapore. And, without rice. I wouldn't even call it a decent meal with just a plate of sashimi at 20$! The best part, you pay for Japanese Green Tea in Singapore at an average of $0.60 per pack. How can I not love my home country? ^^

We took a short walk around the rest of Tsukiji after we are done! Didn't sit too long at the restaurant because the queue was extremely long and we didn't want to hog the seats.

After that sumptuous meal, I am no longer surprise about my weight gain anymore.... XD

And more queues at the next alley!

The whole Tsukiji Fish Market is like a mini village itself. Not sure if anybody lives there but it'd be really cool to be living in a place like this!!

We actually wanted to make our way to the open market after we were done here and then walk over to Ginza from the open market since it's pretty near, but it started raining. So we just got back into the Metro station and rode to Nihombashi to visit the Takashimaya!

#doublechin 8D

If you are out of cash and need to withdraw money, look out for this machine!! They are available at all 7-11s! It's much cheaper to withdraw then changing currency there. Don't forget to check with your banks how much they charge for service tax or something!

If you have CitiBank card it's even better. CitiBank ATM is everywhere O_O

I swear this is the saddest Takashimaya, ever.
They have a hell lot of stuff! But it feels more like a Cold Storage than somewhere where we can try out different kind of Japanese delicacies, :(

Made quite a few rounds and got extremely disappointed. So we left and headed over to Ginza's Mitsukoshi! I was expecting the same stuff like how it is at Taka, but to my surprise, me and Ryan actually bought more stuff at Mitsukoshi instead! Hahahhaha XD

350 JPY Ice cream 8D

Came here for Tokyo Banana. (Ultra bad choice.) Nobody told me I could get Tokyo Bananas and Ginza Strawberries at the airport for the same price until I go back to the hotel. Ryan and I had to carry that stupid bunch of bananas for the entire day to Shibuya and then back to our hotel, and it's SUPER HEAVYYYYY! Wtf :(

Here we are, back in Shibuya!! The 5th time if I didn't miscount hahahahaha, xD

This was the 2nd hand clothing store that I talked about! Things here are freaking cheap omg, 8D

We decided to walk to Harajuku to grab some stuff from Daiso, so we slowly stroll the Shibuya streets and got ourselves some loots. We both bought a pair of shoes each at Shibuya at a discounted price. I can't believe how much we've shopped during our stay here. Their Summer sales is crazy.

Stopped by some cafe for a drink. Too tired from traveling around hahahhaa

And some mango pancakeeeees! :3

No more photos after that because all the stuff we were carrying was so heavy, I don't really have an extra hand to use my camera.
Anyway, we walked over to Harajuku from Shibuya since it's pretty near, and replenished some Daiso snacks. Especially ze Green Tea Oreo, hehehehe. And I also bought some Wacoal bras at only 900JPY, wtf.
I think I can finally understand why some Japanese girls have such humongous boobs. Most of their bras are designed for ultra push-up one, #omg HAHAHAHAHA.

It was getting pretty late by the time we were done with shopping. Swear we bought extremely lot of stuff. So much it's impossible for both of us to carry. Thank god for our metro day-pass. At least we didn't have to pay so much for transport hahahaha.

Went back to Asakusa for dinner! Wanted to just grab a bento from Seiyu and head back to the hotel to eat because we were too tired, but food at Seiyu ran out. No more nice bento except for sushi and sashimi, :(

Look at the price, omg. Where to find in Singapore?!?!?!?!

But nope, we didn't buy Sashimi back today hahahaha. We headed over to Saizeriya instead for our Escagot fix!

Super nice cuttlefish with sweet vinegar sauce!

My Hamburg with hot spring eggggg :3

The Must-not-miss-this-when-you-go-Saizeriya Escargots.


Baebae's well done steak. HAHAHA.
I feel super sad for him. Cause they don't serve medium rare steaks in Japan due to some hygiene law or something. So he had no choice but to get well done steak. It was super tough LOLOLOLOL. But the taste isn't too bad lah. Hahahhaha

Another serving of Escargots because half a dozen is not enough for both of us xD

Dinner cost us 3,362 JPY in total, and it was ultra filling. I was close to vomiting because I ate too much. I won't be surprise if I had gained about 2kg now since our first day here, LOL.

And I foresee myself eating some more for the next two days here in Japan. Which is also our last, haha. I've grown to love this place so much, I really don't wish to go home, :(
If only our tickets were self-booked. Then we could extend our stay here. Sigh.

Anyway, back to Gotemba Outlet tomorrow. It'll be a 2 hours long long ride to Hakone! We didn't managed to shop much the first time we were there so Ryan said we should totally go back there again. We've planned a trip there for tomorrow, and I hope the trip back there will be worth it, haha.

Alright, update again. Super tired already.......

Good night! Xx

All photos taken on Casio Exilim EX-10.

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