Busy July.

by - Friday, July 18, 2014

Apologies for the lack of updates. I've been trying extremely hard to keep up with all my Japan travelogues, but my jobs just keep coming in. :(
Even my mom's annoyed at how much I've been working, instead of helping out at the family store.

But it's okay, 2 more weeks and I'll be off from work!! But what awaits after July is even worse, lol. T_T
School is reopening, and I will have to help out with school's orientation. On the bright side, this year's orientation will be at Sentosa and Pulau Ubin! To be honest I am actually quite excited about it hahahhaha!

Anyway, some casual photo updates.

We went Din Tai Fung for XLB today 8D

Went over to Starbucks after that for a free complimentary drink, hehehe.

Another long day of work tomorrow. The last F&N roadshow until the next one about a week later!! I've been promoting F&N Season's Passionfruit Green Tea so much these days, it scares me by just hearing the name of the drink. #omg
I think I will avoid sugar drinks for the next couple of months, LOL.

Alright I've got to sleep now! Promise I will update soon. Most probably on Saturday, hehehehe.

Here's another shot of my hunsum bay bay. ;)

Good night!

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