by - Wednesday, May 14, 2014

In a month!!

I've been contemplating for a while now, about how should I celebrate my 22nd birthday since my 21st was a disaster. It's pretty sad how I don't really have much good memory of my 21st birthday except for the fact I visited Adventure Cove with the ex.

It kind of make me tear whenever I see my friends having a great 21st with all their close buddies. And I'm just like, meh... Where were my friends during my party?
Ah, whatever. Anyway, this year, I've decided to plan it myself to make up for the youth I've lost, T_T. So I've actually came up with a couple of ideas and I have no idea which one to go ahead with.

So could you people do me a favour? Let me know which one do you prefer!!

How should I celebrate my 22nd!
BBQ Party
One-day Theme Party
Casual Lunch/Dinner

Thank you, bye! :3

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