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by - Thursday, May 15, 2014

Hair day, hair day, hairrrrr dayyyyy!! I've been so busy for the past 2 months I haven't visit the salon in like eons. I was supposed to head down to Naoki once every 2 weeks for my weekly hair treatment but my school schedule was simply fucked up back then, I had to cancel my appointment 3 times in a row. Pffts.

Can you imagine the frizz and how fried my hair looks?! I was so annoyed, I tie my hair up everyday just so I could ignore the frizz and not do anything rash to my already-short-enough locks. Hahahahaha

So I headed down to Naoki last Monday and had a go with their latest, dope-est, awesome-est hair damage treatment. Words can't explain how much I love this treatment honestly, hahahaha.

I walked into the salon looking all drained and raggard, as usual. Pretty much a dress down day, because I am not someone who dresses up. And trust me, my wardrobe is filled with nothing else other than T-shirts. :(

My hair stylist for that day was Kelvin, the one who always ask me to shave botak because my hair condition is so terrible after all the chemical treatment and I didn't bother to take care. I am too busy lah, really. But he still pampers my hair for me regardless, hahahahhahaa!!


So Kelvin actually whipped this shampoo for me to wash off all existing chemical and residues off my hair.
As quoted from him, it actually dries out the hair really badly after washing. Because the shampoo actually gets rid of every single existing obstruction that's blocking up the pores. So it helps to cleanse off all the dirt and gives way to proper detox! Which is why, after the wash, he started with the intense hair treatment!

Hahaha that face


After that he used this lotion to do a deeper cleansing, and detox my hair. See that [H] and [L] label on the bottle? It actually means High Damage/Low Damage. I obviously had to go for the High Damage one lah, -__- And Kelvin was like, "Don't need to see lah, you confirm taking the H." PFFTS.

Purpose of this detoxing process is to remove all the calcium ions attached to your hair when you wash your hair at home. The water we used to shower actually has all these calcium ions in it. Not as bad as overseas since Singapore has pretty much clean enough and drink-able tap water(I don't recommend you to drink it though). But if you have ever visited Europe, you'll know when you boil water, you will see a layer of white-ish stuff stuck to the bottom of the kettle! Yep, dem calcium ionsssss.

So the process of detoxing actually removes all these ions, and make way for the upcoming repair agent, to repair all the damages done from all that crazy chemical treatment I've been doing to my head.


It is texture transformation for a reason. From the very first insane hair wash to this, is a total heaven and hell comparison. My hair felt like some crazy metal strings after the wash because it was sooooooooo damaged, I cannot........
But after Kelvin is done with the detox, and he applied this restoration cream, I swear the comb simply slides off my hair when you comb it. Before that the comb can be stuck to my hair without any help. You know, you just throw the comb and POOF. IT'S STUCK THERE ON ITS OWN, wtf.


Sounds scary right..... No lah, they don't use needles. The repair agent will be contained in this tiny spray bottle, and will be sprayed onto your hair bit by bit, layer by layer, with lots of love from the beloved hair lotion. And it smells ultra nice, 8D Did I forget to mention, all of their creams and lotion smells ultra nice? Like some sort of flower growing in on your head kind of feel, hahahaha


Lastly, after all the intense treatment, hair steaming and repairing, they coat your locks with this triple layer micro-coating! They have 3 different types, On-Smooth, On-Moist, On-Volume. I took the MOISTURE one because my hair is really dry and damaged! This is to protect your hair from sebum, frictions and it helps sustain the treatment effect. So that your treatment will last longer, otherwise it will be reduced or washed off from shampooing and the sebum produced!

After sitting at the salon for 2 whole hoursssss, the treatment is done! Kelvin helped blow dry my hair and I could instantly feel the smooth and softness when my hair accidentally slaps my face, LOL.

Seriously sibei smooth. ;););) I like. AND IT SMELLS EXTREMELY NICE, OMG.

Come hair, mama give you a kiss...... Xxxxxx

Okay, time for the good news.

Naoki Yoshihara by Ash is having a promotion right now!!

They are giving their customers 30% off The Hair Care Salon Solutions Treatment for people who tries it the first time!!

So head on down for some goodness since it's on promo right now!! Trust me, you wouldn't want to miss this. Especially if you have heavily damaged or bleached hair like I do. YOUUUUUU'LL LOVEEEEEE IT.

Enjoy your treatment!!

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