Photoshoot: Railway

by - Saturday, May 10, 2014

I had a casual photoshoot with one of my few favourite photographers quite a while back at one of my favourite location, Bt Timah Railway! Wanted to share this set of pictures earlier but it totally slipped my mind because I've been dating too much, :x

Special thanks to Zhenwei for his time and skills because I honestly really love this set of photos! Every single one of them is soooo good I almost posted up all the photos he passed to me. There were some repeated poses because it was taken using burst-shot, so I only chose one from each pose! But it was really good lah. I thought you guys might be sian if I keep posting repeated poses, so I didn't want to post everything up, hahahahaha!!

Anyway, I've tagged Zhenwei's link below, do drop him a message if you think his shots are good! ^^

Photoshoot: 26 January 2014
Location: Bt Timah Railway
Photographer: Zhou Zhenwei

Thank you for visiting! ^3^

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