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by - Thursday, February 06, 2014

Okay... a long overdue post here. I've been extremely busy for the past couple of week mainly due to dating too much and school...? Okay, excuses. I don't really have much lesson for this term actually, hahaha.

As you know, I've been with Naoki Yoshihara for almost half a year now. And I am extremely grateful and thankful for the time and concern they had been showering on my hair despite all the crazy nonsensical requests I have for this severely damaged head of mine.

(I used to be a really crazy kid when I was younger. I actually dyed my own hair, and change my hair color at least 3 times a month. It was so bad mom have to constantly remind me to stop doing anything to my head anymore or else she will shave me botak. xP)

From different kind of hairstyles, and colors to intensive treatments and hair care. Naoki Yoshihara had done it all for me! Making me look fantabulous every single time.

So with the approaching festive season, I managed to squeeze some time before the CNY to head down over to Naoki Yoshihara by Ash for some serious hair abuse session.
And this time, I am determined to go RED, regardless of how many times I'd have to put my locks through the torturous process.
Okay, it's not the most havoc color I've ever had. But definitely one of the nicest red head done! Especially when it's done professionally and no longer self-dyed, hahaha.

Thank you Natalie for all these nice shots!

It took quite a while for the color to set. In fact, I had to dye it twice because my hair is sooooo damaged, it refuses to eat the color. And I didn't bleach at all. After the first round of dye-ing, I thought that's it. I am never going to have a nice red head on me, ever... T_T

But lucky for me, Megu-san managed a miracle, hahahaha.
And the color finally set after the second round of dyeing!

*flips hair*

The results were entirely unexpected. In fact, it's simply amazing. I've never thought it would turn out this good! I wanted a slight tinge of lingering purple in the red, and there I have it!! It looks purple-ish indoor under normal white light, and it turns into scorching red under the sun!
Can you imagine how fabulous I felt(?) lol!!

Photo taken on the day I dyed it red.

Not too impressive because the color is still really thick and raw. So it seems really dark. But the red came out after a couple of wash! And it looks even better during the fading process, what(?!)

I know, I know. It is supposed to look shitty since it's fading off. But something I learned about hair dyes after years and years of hair abusing is that, Red and Ash dyes actually fades off to a really pretty brown! Yep, means there is zero golden streaks here and there, and it looks really natural and smooth!
Ironically, brown dyes are the ones that fade off to golden brown and leaves streaks of gold-ish white strands everywhere!

And for the ang ang festival.......

CNY Day 1!!

Too pretty to not love it. Looks pretty fried, but it is super smooth and soft to touch! I'll probably go Miley Cyrus soon after the red fades off. It is already on it's way to copper brown on my bleached ends!
So... Short blonde, yay or nay? Hahahahahaha

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