Au Chocolat

by - Monday, February 03, 2014

And so.... time for the once in a while lavish lifestyle. Baby's sissy recommended us to visit Au Chocolat Bistro, the very first made-in-Singapore French-inspired concept store, and try out some of their really good dessert and chocolate drink, so the dearest decided we should drop by today since he's on a school-off day.

And yep, I'm late as usual. We didn't agree on a time to meet, but obviously wish we hadn't meet so late. Wasted too much time sleeping when I could spend more time with love, :(
I feel like overly-attached Vivian now, hahahahahahaha!

I met a really blur cab uncle that didn't know how to travel on MCE, the recently opened new highway. Neither do I, so the both of us were totally lost and detouring around the city area.
But it's all good, it's all good. He got me to MBS safely anyway, hahahahaha.

Headed over to Au Chocolat, and got a seat pretty much immediately.
Something I love about being with Ryan is that, we will never spend too much time on the menu. We just order whatever we want, and that's it. No second thoughts.
No idea if such easy going character is a good thing but I love it either, hahaha.

Frozen Hot Chocolate *Highly Recommended*
Got constant reminder by the sister to try this out if we're there. So baby called for one, and daaaayyyyuummmmmm. It's toooooo dang good to miss. Especially if you love chocolates like I do.

Truffle Fries *Highly Recommended*
Also yet another highly recommended one. I see at least 2/3 of the people in the restaurant has this on their table. Not even joking.
Wouldn't deny this is one of the best Truffle Fries I've ever tried. Most Truffle Fries I tried has this smelly oil smell and it's plain disgusting. Which is also the main reason why I have never like ordering Truffle Fries when I'm out.....

Three-Cheese Macaroni
A totally random dish that we ordered because we mentioned something about Mac N' Cheese before entering the restaurant, hahahahaha. But woooooohhhhh it's sooooo good. Swear that's some really cheesy deal over there... Unfortunately, the cheesiness could get a little overwhelming for your palate, so share a bowl I'd say. Or, just go ahead, 8D

Foie Gras(Goose Liver)
God, that melts-in-the-mouth sensation..... I should probably pop by Basilico soon for some free-flow of Foie Gras 8D
Top up $5 for a plate of Foie Gras when you order pasta. Nhmmmm, now I want some more. OTL

Minty Zest
Ordered an additional Italian Soda to end the meal because we needed a drink after all the creamy stuff. I don't know much about sodas, but this doesn't taste too bad.
It's blueberry, grapefruit and slight hint of mojito flavouring!!
Good stuff too ok.

Called for the bill shortly after because we had to rush off for movie..... You can check out their online menu here, if you are interested! I'm definitely going back to try their pastries hehehehehehe.

Rushed over to Bishan to meet up with Bae's buddies for a movie double date. Caught Robocop. Meh. I actually peeped the plot before watching the movie, and I actually looked forward to watching it. But the movie is sooooooo draggy, I almost fell asleep a couple of time.

I mean, it's not a bad film! Definitely better than the 1987 one in terms of visual effects and quality... The actors are good, the effects are good, the storyline and all too. Maybe just lacking on sound effects, and some actions. Gah, Idk. Most people tell me it's good, maybe it's just me.

Catch it if you haven't!

It was pretty late by the time we finished the movie. So I took the last few train home hoping I'll be able to catch Mel and the rest at the west area because they're watching Robocop too. But nawwwww, dem' buddies decided to leave me alone and leave one by one for supper on their own... T_T How cruel, you all.
I'll be expecting some booze treat on Saturday.

Alright, 've some recording to do with Michael tomorrow. It's time to hit the sack.
Good bye fellas. I hope you are happy because I'm updating really often these couple of days, hahaha.
School's been too relaxing for me. I need me some motivation to workkkk.

So let's get it on, 2014.
Thank you for reading!

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