CNY Day 1

by - Saturday, February 01, 2014

Chinese New Year gets more boring every year. Ignore the fact that most people don't actually "bai nian" anymore, and they've started the tradition of depositing red packets for people that you don't usually meet or to save the hassle from travelling to your relatives places. To be honest, it's been 4 years since I last visited my relatives. All I do for CNY every year is to stay at my grandparent's place(Just next block), and wait for relatives to come. And if I wake up late, and miss meeting my relatives? It's okay, my grandma keeps the red packets for me.

And the main highlight of every CNY, gamble. Nope, not even slight hint of it. Kids were playing monopoly deal. Some asshole took my set of monopoly deal and it never came back. And I went prawning with Junyi in the middle of the night instead of the usual stayover and gamble thing.

Lol, oh-so-joyous-cny eh?

If only we were still kids. Run around the playground playing fire-crackers, pop-pops(Thank you gahmen for banning it) and whatnot... But nahhhhhh, not happening.

Selfies with the cuzz. Not much, just one. Most of the rest left by the time I whipped out my laptop.

And I think the only possible fun I had for the whole of yesterday was the appearance of my baby nephew, hehehe.

Brought the kiddo out for a walk at River-Angpow...... And then my beloved decided to surprise me, hehehe.

Ugh... My sweetheart. You trying to kill me or something? That's too sweet for my heart to take. x)

Called for Pizzahut because we didn't eat much for dinner.
And then Love hung around until the last bus home and I guess that's about it.
Pretty unproductive. But festive season ah... What to do? Everywhere's closed for holiday.

Nevertheless, hope you guys had a great one. And for the next few days too!
Happy MAAAAAH Year!


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