by - Thursday, January 30, 2014

Just me, being me. As usual. Careless, clumsy, klutzy and stupid. So I headed out of the house today, or maybe not so today, with my charger, my earpiece, double checked to make sure I have my wallet with me this time..... BUT, I just have to board the cab without my phone. EVERYTHING, except for my phone. -____-

Ryan had came over to fetch me to his place for a pre-CNY eve reunion steamboat with his family, and buddies.
Yep, as usual. Late again. I actually kind of just overslept because I was so tired... So by the time I got up, I was terribly late. I really have to kick this ultra bad habit of mine. *shakes head*

Thank god his friends are actually really patient hahaha. They didn't flare at all. Which is also why it made me feel even more bad for being late.. :(

We had a quick lunch after meeting them up, and then headed over to NTUC to shop for the ingredients for steamboat. To be honest, I felt unusually blessed and fortunate that day. Because I pretty much grew up alone and I had never knew how it feels to have such bonds with friends... Needless to say shopping around for groceries and prepare food for a gathering together. Mom had always taught me to keep my distance from people due to some untold circumstances that happened to my family. So I've never had the chance to hang out with my buddies much or have them over for a sleepover at all. Another reason is that my room is really small and messy, I don't have the space to contain another person, lol!

So my shitty day got better after hanging around the lovely one for the rest of the day. And best part of not having my phone with me? I get to see the world better, and pay more attention to what's worth. Being so social-media inclined, forgetting my phone is the last thing that will ever happen to me, to be really really honest. I had never thought a day for me to leave my phone at home and head out would come. This is just how reality involved I am lately ever since I started dating Ryan.

Oh yah! Haven't update, did I? I am in a pretty fucked up situation now, but I am going out with Ryan anyway.

Amazingly, I actually survived 24 hours without a phone. Wtf, 24 hours ok. Just got home from yesterday hahaha. It's insane la! How can someone like me, who is so virtually inclined to live without having to check or update my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to survive 24 hours? Can't believe I actually did it. And I didn't even check on my social media platform much, I still get to be more involved with the reality. So I guess going phoneless can be good too. One achievement unlocked!

Poor boy has to work on school projects on CNY's Eve. Didn't manage to spend much time with him, and there's reunion dinner too.... Got to spend the day before with him, good enough. Hehehe.

Reunion dinner wasn't too bad. Had to rush off to get some stuff from cold storage after the steamboat at Gram's, so I didn't get to "loh hei". And no abalone this year too. Quite a different start for New Year ah.... Hahaha. I guess I'll be expecting more changes tomorrow!

Happy Chinese New Year's Eve everyone! Have a great one! Xoxo

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