Photo update

by - Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Okayyyy, a random photo update while waiting for the boyfriend to finish cooking. 2 days to Valentine's and I'm pretty much reaching the point where I can no longer talk. Horrible haze is killing my nose and throat once again. I hope to recover soon... Or else I will most probably end up having porridge for, oh please no......

Anyway, I had a casual shoot with Natalie a couple of weeks back at Fort Canning! Not much photos because I'm too lazy to edit hahaha. Just showing you a couple of good shots by her!

Saw this #100happydayschallenge thing last night. It was said that 71% of the people who attempted didn't manage to complete it. Either they cheated or (the most common reason) they have no time for it.

No time to be happy? Really?

To be really honest with you, I have no idea if I can complete this. Hahahahahahaha!
Gonna give it a try anyway.... on my Dayre and blog, I guess?

Leggo! #100happydayschallenge xP


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