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by - Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Headed over to Naoki Yoshihara by Ash last Monday to have a hair make with my other 2 girls. We had all arranged to go red head that day but turned out we would have to bleach, so we dropped the idea and went without instead. :(

My previous hair color was fading really badly because I didn't have time to take good care of it, and my black roots were growing rapidly, so I thought I should take this chance to touch up my hair as well! But still quite sad that my hair condition is too weak to be bleached. T_T I'll go bald if I ever bleach my hair again...

I wish I could have my red head back soon, hahaha.

My stylist for the day was Tsukasa and Masa-san! As usual, the really thoughtful Creative Director, Masa-san asked me about the hair color I want and further discussed about which color I should really go for! Because my hair is already badly damaged by too many dye jobs, he was worried it might damage my hair further if I really want any crazy color.

So I pretty much settled with a pink hue that shines like red on my dark brown hair!
It was Natalie's first time doing a dye job, so she was really excited about how she would look with colored hair, hahaha. If I'm not wrong Natie took a red-brown color!

And me, looking bald.

After a while, Masa-san passed me his magic beauty weapon! The one that I didnt introduce the other time, xD

ReFa CARAT! It's a platinum coated roller that massages the face or any part of the body to make your skin more firm and beautiful! Especially the jaw area. Masa-san helped rolled my jaws and my face magically became slimmer lol! *ultra lots of love*

After that I was directed to the wash area and had a short treatment and head massage by Tsukasa! God it was soooooo good I almost dozed off. But I didn't because it was just a quick rinse, hahaha. Then while Tsukasa was blow drying my hair, Masa-san popped out with yet another magical beauty tool, XD

I have no idea what is this called. But it helps firm your skin with some vibrating energy, after rolling this over your skin, your skin will look super smooth and firm! I was an ultra happy girl that day, nice hair and nice face, hahaha.

Damn pretty right?!

Me with my new head, HAHAHA. I really love this color! It looks really nice in real life! These pictures ain't doing me any justice. :@

We all ended up with soft curls at the bottom. I think it looks really awesome on the both of them!

A photo with my stylist for the day, Tsukasa! Thank you so much for the pretty hair! XD

After that I got seated down and Masa-san helped me whip up a hairstyle!

I swear he has magic hands, :O Thank you Masa-san for this hairstyle and helping me throughout the whole treatment! I really loved this hair! But I don't have the tools to be tying this on my own, T_T

Creative Director, Masa-san! A really funky guy hahaha! He has a lot of magic beauty tools it never fails to amaze me, 8D

Still looking awesome with my frog face. Now head down to Naoki Yoshihara by Ash and get your hair done! Pretty hair makes everyone looks pretty even if you're making a silly face. XD

177 River Valley Road #02-15/16
Liang Court, Singapore
Singapore 179030

TEL: 6333 5662

Thank you for reading!

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