AFA'13 Day 3

by - Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Whenever I hear AFA, the first thing that comes to my mind are the pretty figurines and cosplay props. The accessories, charms, costumes, wigs and stuff. It feels like I've walked into the land of Otaku, hahahaha.
I'm quite an otaku myself, but my house has no space for figurines, so all I could do is visiting anime-fest and have a look at my eye candies there, *blingbling*

Didn't get much shots either this time because it was way too crowded for photos, :(

A whole row of gachapons. My eyes totally went *bling* the moment I saw these hahahaha. But they didnt have the One Piece metal badges I was looking for, *cries*

I totally hyped up when I saw these! Naruto fans, WHOS WITH ME!!?
Ps; I can't believe the next chapter will only be release in 2014.... And what kind of defeat is that, Obito?!

And a shot with the pretty cosplayer, Darren's friend!
Happen to meet them there! I'm cos-ing as a character from Harvest Moon with my trademark farmer suit... HAHAHAHAHA just kidding XD

I also saw Sonic the hedgehog there!

I actually saw Hentai Kamen and Vampire Knights there too. But I had to rush off early so I didnt get the chance to head down to the open area and take pictures of them. I wanted a photo with Hentai Kamen soooo badly!!!!!! And I saw this really hot Chobits chic there that day. Damn, why did I miss a photo of them, T_T ....

Caught Saber doodling at the WACOM booth! And a couple of random shots here and there.

Not much photos, T_T Maybe next year, when I have much more time to walk about hahaha!
I'll be attending The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Gala Premier tomorrow! Ohmygod, I can't wait. I hope it'll be a blast!

Update again! Thank you for reading!

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