AFA: Marble Wonderland

by - Monday, November 18, 2013

AFA'13 was a blast! I had so much fun working with all the famous Japanese models and staffs for MRBLE WONDERLAND! They are such friendly and nice people! Even though we had a language barrier, they were still extremely dedicated to their work and helped me a lot throughout the show!

It was a pity I didn't get to watch the show. But I am happy enough to be part of the crew! Thank you so much Asia Kawaii Way and SOZO for this wonderful opportunity! I really enjoyed myself and learned a lot from this experience!

Lucky me got to model for FIG&VIPER! This is definitely new to me. I am never someone that could pull off the edgy look but my magicians from Asia Kawaii Way managed to turn me edgy, it's plain amazing.
I have never thought I could actually look like that!

Some shots back stage with the other models!

Singaporean Blogger/Models: SEA PUNK Slayedoll and Bumblebee Ashley! I love Ashley's lilac wig and costume! It looks so good on her!

The really pretty Ranzuki model: Akipoyo!
She's also a FIG&VIPER model that day!

SOZO's design director, Jim! He is also MMK's Producer!

And my absolutely gorgeous partner whose name I didn't catch. I couldn't communicate in Japanese and her English isn't too good, :(
So we only managed to giggle and laugh at everything we see and communicate through gestures. xP

Ultra adorable artiste/Popteen model, Hikari Shiina! She goes by her stage name of Pikarin!! She has this super anime-like voice, omg. I was totally fangirl-ing at how adorable she is, hahahaha! And she is a really nice and humble girl!!

Here's one of her songs!

With the Queen of Lolita, Aoki Misako! Her lolita dresses were awesome! *blings*

I didn't manage to get any photos with the other models because they were all really busy that day. Running around, getting ready for stage and all... I really want a snap with Alodia and Tenchim-san though! T_T

HP visited with a cup of Toffee Nut Frappe!

Me and Slayedoll after the show! She's a really sweet girl! She actually waited for my segment to end when her's had already ended. Everyone else had left by the time I was done because mine was the last act to be showcased.
Quite depressed because I didn't get a group shot, and didn't get to say bye,

Found this photo on Slayedoll's blog!
The whole FIG &VIPER girls!

Everyone looked so pretty that day! I wish I took more photos, :(
The experience was nerve wrecking. I've never done cat-walk before, but hearing the applauses and cheers from the crowd really helped me a lot! Idk how but it somehow made me less nervous and I was able to complete the walk without falling down! But I guess my expressions were quite stiff then...? Hahahaha!

That pretty much sums up my show at IloveANISONG! I'll blog about the exhibition in my next few posts! ^^
Thank you for reading!

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