USS Annual Pass

by - Thursday, July 04, 2013

I've finally gotten my USS unlimited entry student annual pass!! Which means I can go USS as many times as I want from now till 30th November!

My blog is going to be flooded with so many photos from USS you're gonna get so bored looking at it, . Anyway, Huixin bought the pass too, and we both suggested to have a photoshoot there since we have unlimited entry. How convenient right?! I hate how I would always end up all sticky and sweaty, and couldn't take any nice pictures. And we still have to rush around the place because there's not enough time to visit all the rides within a day with all the waiting and stuff... Now I don't have to worry about it anymore, HAHAHAHAHAHA

Thank you so much bby for getting the annual pass for me,

We went there the moment we have free time. Yes, no time wasted. Got to make full use of that $88! Super kiasu I know, can't help it!

So happy I made bento.
It was a casual working day, so we headed over rather late at about 5PM-ish? Still manage to caught a couple of rides because there isn't any crowd at all! The waiting time literally decreased by like 100X. And I manage to snap photos with the mascots that are always flooded with queues. Perks of having an annual pass, hahahahaha!

A pity I didn't go USS yesterday. Christiano Ronaldo was there la!! He's a football star. I had unlimited access and I can't believe I didn't fly there to meet him, oh god. It's okay, I believe some K-POP group will be visiting USS soon... *Paparazzi mode* HELL YESSSSS, FT ISLAND!

Oh, have you realized? I changed my blog skin! The long awaited appearance is finally set. Took me quite long to get use to the new set of codes because I didn't actually attend proper HTML or web designing lesson before, and I've been coding with all the really simple basic [div] codes in the past. IM SO GLADDDD IT'S FINALLY DONEEEEEE!!

Also Instagshop plans coming up with the girls... To sell off some of our clothing that we've never worn before and probably some really pretty and unique stuff! I've been trying really hard to make my everyday productive now since I have such long holiday... Planning to get my license soon too because mom had been nagging and nagging since 3 years ago when I turned just legal to drive. And partly because of the pressure the family had been giving because my younger cousins are one by one getting their license, pffts. So haolian for what.

Okay, it's getting late. Meeting bby for dinner at Swensens tonight. Another productive day! I hope this goes on for good and I will stop lazing around. I'm a happy girllllll!

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