A casual Sunday!

by - Monday, July 08, 2013

Visited Pan Pacific for buffet yesterday to celebrate my aunt's birthday! It's been a long long long long time since I last had international buffet at some hotel, so I was super excited. So excited I didn't sleep well the night before, and ended up with horrible headache, 8(

But still enjoyed myself because I get to see all my beautiful bunch of people, and eat a lot of oysterrrrrs! HEHEHEHEHE. My family probably thought I was a freak because I ate so much, and most people actually dislike the taste of oysters. How could anybody?! It's like the best sashimi ever!!

Introducing my pretty people! Oh! I packed Clint along as well, XD

My big big family, :D

You'll be surprised to know my grandparents are almost 90 already. And my eldest cousin is 35 this year, hahahahaha! The elixir of life runs in our DNA, XD

After which, me and Clint headed over to Marina Square and window shop because it was raining so heavily. We were supposed to head over to Peninsula to look at some instruments, but got stuck at Marina due to the rain. After the rain stopped we shifted over to Bugis Street, hoho! Wanted to get myself a new pair of shoes because the sole of my current shoe came off, but then I ended up going home with just a pair of dungaree. Guess I'll just grab a pair of shoe online hahahaha.

A photo of me without lens, looks dam cock eye, hahahhahahaa!

Oh another thing! My giveaway has ended last night and I had just draw the winner for my Eighteen Chefs giveaway! The winner will be receiving $20 dining vouchers at Eighteen Chefs, Cathay Cineleisure Orchard! Thank you so much for participating in my giveaway! On the first day I honestly thought nobody is gonna participate at all. But then the entries slowly came in and I was so happy! I am really grateful towards everyone of you that shared and participated. I'm sorry there's only this much I could give out, :( So.......
Congratulations! Phua Zai Liang!

I've PM-ed you on Facebook, do give me a reply asap so that you could enjoy your Heart Attack Fried Rice too! XD

Thank you again for supporting the giveaway! I hope to hold more too! So if there is, I hope all of you could show me as much love as you did! I honestly appreciate every single shares that went out, and I really appreciate all of your support. You don't know how much it means to me... because I am not someone famous, neither am I super pretty or something. So I'm really grateful that you guys actually notice this mini space of mine, and even bothered to spend a minute reading what someone had actually labelled as thrash.

Also, I really love all of you readers that comes back often to read some random daily rants of mine, or events that went on in my life. I actually take every single one of your comments to heart, so it makes me really happy when someone tells me they enjoy what they've read! But it also upsets me to know how some people misunderstands me or what I've written. Nevertheless, I promise to blog double hard, hahahaha.

Anyway, thank you again!
Xoxo ^^

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