by - Monday, June 17, 2013

A depressing tune for the depressed me. Lately, I've been pondering a lot on what should I do now that reality no longer benefits me in any way. I've always been a really lucky girl, breezing through everything without even have to work too hard for it. But this time, it seems like lady luck was drained away from me.

Stuck at the school's library now thinking how I should go about with my extended holidays. Back then I was just thinking I should probably just sleep my 3 months away. But 2 months had already passed, and now I need to think how should I spend my next 6 months. I remembered how I used to be so ecstatic about my endless holidays and wished it would never end. Right now, I really just hope I have something to do about my life. It's so mundane I really don't know what I can ever look forward to anymore.

Won tickets to Monsters University tonight. Thank you so much Nuffnang for always letting me go for movie screenings for movies that I realllyyyyy love and look forward to! Something I love about blogging, I get to win free movie tickets, hehe.

Thought I've slimmed down quite a bit. My face looks sharper and smaller now. Because of the hairstyle? Anyway, I've been contemplating if I should cut my fringe off and go back to bangs. I've actually have thoughts of cutting layered bangs so that I could style my fringe into the anime "M" fringe style, hahahahaha. Kind of crazy, so I guess I'll just stick to long fringe for now. It's the first time in like..... 7 years? I am determined to keep long locks now, and I'm gonna stop cutting/trimming. My hair grows at a really depressing rate. It's even slower than my cat's fur. It's like, every time I trim, it doesn't grow back at all. It only gets shorter, and shorter, and shorter every time I trim my hair. Sigh.

2 hours to the screening. Gonna do some googling on "How to spend 6 months essentially". It's probably pointless and stupid, -___- Oh god... I really need to get all these negative germs out of my body before I sink myself into a world of darkness.

Why like that?........

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