We're married!

by - Tuesday, October 22, 2019

We're married!

Hellu, hellu!
A quick disclaimer: Thank you so much for waiting for me to get this post up. I know I've procrastinated a lot and it's been a year, god, A YEAR. Scroll down for photos if you wanna skip the whole rambling and sponsors thanking part hahaha.

Can't remember the last time I had time to sit down and write about my life. Every single time I am here, I apologise for the lack of update and how busy I've been, sigh. Anyway! In the light of our recent first anniversary, I shall finally, finally update some photos from my solemnization. Truth be told, the preparation for my solemnization was really simple, and fuss-free. Wouldn't say it was easy because I was juggling both work and all these plannings at the same time, but it wasn't too much of a problem because the people I dealt with were really really nice and they made things so much easier for me. Though there were a lot of last minute shopping, I am thankful for understanding sponsors who are always ready to accommodate to my schedules to make me look pretty anytime, hahahaha.

As you can tell for the lack of update on my blog and how long this post had been delayed, I didn't actually have any breaks before I got back to work after my solemnization. No kidding, I went back to work immediately the next day. No honeymoon, no wedding leaves, or blah. I had a month-long trip back to Japan last year after graduation though. That counts right? Hahahhaha

So much happened since 30 September 2018. Left my job, AOSD, BTO, hospitals, medications, groggy and more groggies everyday. I honestly can't recall much about what happened from January 2019 ~ July 2019. It feels like I've been in a state of trance for so long I lost track of time. Certainly does feel like it's still March 2019 in my head right now, @@

Okay, let's cut to the chase. We held our solemnization at Raffles Town Club, a regular country club that Kimmy's parents used to frequent back when they were still living in Singapore. We didn't hold a banquet this time, well yeh, no time for that. And then thisthisthis, thatthatthat happened.

I personally would not recommend this club for your solemnization unless you are okay with really simple decorations. Or a missing wedding planner 3/4 of the time. I have had no qualms until the day itself when the lady went missing for the entire morning, and we ended up having to work with the floor manager of that particular location we were using for our event. Like what would he know right? Our decorations were shit, and really sloppy.

Not sure if it was done by the outsourced wedding decorators or by RTC, because what was agreed was that our decorations will be done by the outsourced guys that they partnered with, but the quality difference was so huge??? Okay, not like it's really a problem because it's all the tiny details that you won't really see.... The posters really got me though. I was so pissed when I saw my photos and the posters were just there, which explains why I didn't share the photos until a while later because I was taking my own sweet time photoshopping them out hahahahhaha.

Anyway. We were not given the option to top up additional decors, only got to chose our flowers and ribbons. I also forgot all about it until the day happened and then I realized I've left out so many stuff to make my venue look pretty. So if you wanna host your event here, please question the person in charge and not wait for them to ask you because they will never.

GOWN by Yulia Shu

Got my solemnization gown customized by Yulia Shu. It was an extremely long process of meeting, fitting, meeting again. I initially told her I wanted to have a black dress and she was so thrilled!!

Yulia is extremely professional and open to exploring new creative ideas for the dresses. So if you want to try out crazy hipster gown, cute kimono gown, or fusion ideas of traditional wedding outfits, you can drop her a dm on her Facebook or Instagram!

And here we have.... my fancy fancy galaxy black dress! (She hand painted the galaxy prints!) I actually wanted a long train to go along with it but then decided not to because I am a super clumsy person. I even step on my own long dresses, how am I supposed to walk around with long trains behind me, hurhur.

Also, I'm that dumb ass that eats too much and puts on weight shortly before the event day, so the dress turned out different, sigh. I can barely tuck in my armpit fats, BUT MY DRESS HAS POCKETS, so...

HAIR by Elein @ Artistry Hair Professional

I also got my hair extended at Fareast Plaza before popping over to Artistry Hair Professional to look for Elein to have my hair dyed. Trust me, I legit wanted to go full blonde, but I am thankful I didn't hahahahhahaha. Elein made my long locks looked so much nicer with the highlights! And yes, extend your hair first before dye-ing. So the color difference isn't that huge also, the salon can help you trim your extensions to make it blend in better!

I also did Dyna Straightening treatment before going for my extensions! So my hair roots don't look so QQ. I has curly hair actually, hahahaha.

It's been 4 years with my favorite hair artist, Elein, my hair is so so much healthier now!

NAILS by Flamingo Playground

Also had my nails done last minute with Flamingo Playground. Another amazingly creative bunch who are constantly upgrading their skills and designs. I really love the wide variety of designs they are able to do at Flamingo Playground! I showed them my dress, and they came up with this to pair with it.

I love it?!?! Okay, I am really terrible with nail extensions though. The extension lasted about a month before I got so annoyed because I really cannot function with it on me. I can't type my stuff properly, cannot open my own can drinks, yadah, yadah. It's a lot of getting used to, especially for someone as rough and clumsy as me. So..... I went back to Flamingo Playground and took them off hahahahazxczc.

HAIR &MAKE by Julie Kim

Hair and make-up artist of the day, Julie Kim. Found her randomly on Instagram and I knew I need to have her to grand my big day. Just look at this, need I say more?!

The make up lasted for the entire day without any touch-up. I felt like a K-Pop star, HAHAHA. I was so reluctant to remove it because I don't want to be sent back to reality and face my norm-af-peasant face, huhu. Will deffo be engaging her again if my banquet does happen, hahaha.

BOUQUET by Florals by Benita

Got my pretty bouquet from Florals by Benita. When I say last minute, I really ain't kidding. Of course you shouldn't be doing this too, but I tried my luck and placed my order just 3 days before my solemnization. To my surprise, she actually accepted my order! And I was lucky enough she had enough roses for me!

She also added in a boutonniere for Kimmy, and kept some loose roses for my hair! My stylist was so happy to see those mini red blooms because they were so pretty!

SOLEMNIZER: Dr. Phua Tan Tee

No recommendations, pure google reviews. And he was legit as good as everyone says! Dr. Phua was simply hilarious. I've never seen my family laughed so much before. He is probably my best decision ever, and ever so grateful to have him gracing our solemnization!

He speaks both English and Chinese, which is great because Kimmy's family is Korean, so Dr. Phua translated what he said into English every time he says something in Chinese. My guests were kept occupied and entertained throughout the ceremony, which explains why I don't have any videos. They were so engrossed with what Dr. Phua was saying all the time!!

It's a good thing, because my photographers can capture really nice candids instead of photos of people holding up their phones throughout the ceremony, :3


Finally, finally, finally. Photographers for the day! I am more than blessed to have my best friend and her beloved capturing these moments for us.

A lot of my friends rejected being my photog because —friends ma, I don't want to disappoint you, so I won't shoot for your big day. And I honestly didn't want my best friend to be shooting for me also because I want her to be seated like everyone else and watch my dumbass finally getting hitched yknow. But well, there is honestly no one else I can trust in this apart from them if everyone else doesn't want to shoot for me. Trust me when I say I am super anal when it comes to photography/videography. Majoring in this course had me scarred.

Last but not least, the slaves of the day!

I am so ever thankful to have this woman in my life. Called Alicia to help me out for the day because if I want anyone meticulous, it's definitely her. Plus I really don't have many close friends, this is also a closed event for my family only, Lish is my favorite partner-in-crime and Kimmy has a groomsman, how can I not have a bridesmaid!! I think I dropped the bomb on her just a week before my solemnization. Her momma readily allowed her to drop her niece's 滿月 for my solemnization!! So thank you Mama Lish too!

And then there's my favorite legend, Joshy. Thank you for tolerating my bitchy ass for the past 10 years, and thank you for getting siewmai for us hahahaha. Kimmy's best friend, Aaron on the far left, and there's the annoying giant, CJ, on the right. Please keep on taking care of my annoying ass for the next 100 years y'all.

Okay this post is getting way too long. Drop me an email @ veeviisme@live.com or my http://tellonym.me/veeviisme if you have any questions! I'll include all the contact details at the end of the post, so if any of y'all interested can just drop them a PM on their handles!

Location: Raffles Town Club
Photographers: Jackie & Huixin
Solemnizer: Dr. Phua Tan Tee
Gown: Yulia Shu
Hair: Artistry Hair Professional
#03-32, International Plaza, 10 Anson Rd, Singapore 079903, +65 6221 9255
Nail: Flamingo Playground
470 North Bridge Rd, #02-05A Bugis Cube Shopping Mall, Singapore 188735
Hair &Make: Julie Kim
Flowers: Florals by Benita

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Any questions, you can always mail to: veeviisme@live.com :D