5 must-buy skincare in Myeongdong!

by - Thursday, November 28, 2019

Skincare stores are all over Seoul, but why I love going to Myeongdong to get my skincare is that they always have 1+1 events! If you are lucky, some stores actually have giveaways when you make a minimum purchase. But of course, stay away from sketchy unknown brands that tries to hard sell tourists. If you’ve never seen it, google it. Still nothing? Avoid it!

1 Innisfree Real Squeeze Mask

₩25,000 for a pack of 20. I managed to get 40pcs because of their 1+1 event! Innisfree tend to have 1+1 all year round, so do check them out if you’re in Myeongdong, you could stock up on your makeup at a really good deal! 

This mask is always on the top of my must-buy list every time I’m in Korea. The mask is water based, suitable for all skin types so you don’t have to worry about clogged pores, and it is really effective depending on which type you buy! 

I really love their Tea Tree and Rice Bran Masks. It works extremely well to control my sebum, prevents over-drying and it gets rid of the redness on my skin.

2 Innisfree Hand Mask

Keeps your hand soft, smooth and wrinkle free. Smells like baby powder, I love to wear this to sleep, hahahaha. Okay you are not supposed to, but it smells so nice and soothing I always doze off with it on. Also on 1+1 event, I managed to get 40pcs of these at only ₩30,000! XD

3 Etude House Eye Collagen Mask

By far my favorite eye mask after trying out so many different brands. I would usually put this on the night before when I know I need to attend an event or put on make up the next day, so I will wake up with less puffy and bling bling eyes. This is also water based, so no worries about sebum collecting under your eyes! ₩10,000 for a pack of 10, it usually comes with 1+1! Meaning you get 20 pcs of eye masks at only ₩10,000!

  4 Etude House Baking Powder


I use this once a week for exfoliation. Problems with blackheads, acne scars, dead skin making it hard for you to put on makeup? This is a life-saver. Exfoliate the night before, and wash your face as per normal with your facial foam, top it up with Innisfree Rice Bran moisturizing mask and you are all ready for the next day!

5 Nature Republic Aloe Vera Gel

Need I say more? This is so highly raved and listed as the top moisturizing/life-saving gel almost everywhere. 

Also, at ₩4,500 per tub?! I would buy an entire carton but honestly not kiasu enough hahahaha. This gel is really good for people with dry skin problems, due to weather, long hours in aircon-ed rooms, medical side effects or whatnot. It helps moisturizes, promotes healing and also lightens your skin. One of my best buy, but it really takes up space. I don't have much baggage space, so I didn't stock up too many on this.

Anyway! Spending a ₩30,000 allows tax refund! There are many different shops of the same brand in Myeongdong, but if you make a purchase from shop #1, and just so happen to see another with a product you didn’t see in the first shop, you won’t be able to get tax refund even if you spend up to W30,000. Tax refund is only available for transactions of over ₩30,000 in the same receipt! So make sure you get everything from the same shop of the same brand to get your tax refund!

Alrighty, that's all for now. Let me know your favorite must-buys from Myeongdong, :D

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