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by - Wednesday, September 06, 2017

It's been a long ass week filled with submissions and increment of assignments. Not to forget all the shoots that are coming in and yadah-yadah.... I know I've mentioned that I'm pretty an outcast that nobody really bothers but there are still requirements to fulfil in order for me to graduate, and yep you guessed it right. Unpaid production and more unpaid production. Well, not all is dull in this week though. Dedicated a bouquet of pretty champagne roses with baby's breaths from Floral Garage Singapore to my kimchi earlier on Saturday before he went back to camp, and for once in a reeeeaaaallly long time, I see my Kimchi glow in happiness. Huehuehuehue!

Who says only girl deserves flowers? Your boyfee deserves them too okay!

Good thing about Floral Garage is that, they allow customization for their flowers! So if you are too spoilt for choice on their online catalogue, you can feel free to let the florist know who and for what occasion is it and they simply let their creativity run wild! How simple right?

Not forgetting the fact that they do same day delivery as well!
Like for example if it is currently 1:29 pm, you can still order for your item to be delivered for the 1:30 pm to 5:00 pm time slot. However, once you have missed the time slot, you would need to go for the next time slot. So if it's currently 1:30 pm, the 1:30 pm to 5:00 pm time slot is no longer available when you place order, the next available time slot would be 5:00pm to 10:00 pm, and you can arrange your flowers to be delivered from 5:00pm ~ 10:00pm! Convenient isn't it? But for myself, I've arranged a Saturday morning time slot to surprise the korean boy the moment he wakes up. It also acts as a wake up call since both of us tend to waste the entire Saturday away sleeping in, bleh.

Look how pretty it is!! I am so satisfied and I love it so much. Not sure if it's for me or for Kim to be honest, hahaha. But if the person giving is satisfied with its quality, I'm sure the person who receives will be double happy right?
Anyway! It's our 26th monthsary today, so I've arranged the flowers to arrive last Saturday. Trust me when I say guys actually love receiving flowers too. No it is not gay.

Kim immediately took the bouquet out and went for a photoshoot with his second girlfriend. Like the fuck, I was the one who gave him the bouquet but he take pictures with his second girlfriend, can meh?????

Floral Garage also provides many different types of flowers and services. They do corporate jobs, parties and even weddings, so if you are looking for flowers for your wedding, feel free to contact them! Their flowers are extremely fresh, and cheap. Which is pretty hard to find in industry, I mean since you get what you pay for you know. Floral Garage's blooms are no doubt of top quality because it makes my entire room smells like a rose field by simply hanging it at one corner hahahahaha

Honestly, you don't need an occasion to put a smile on someone's face. Dedicate a bouquet of flowers to your loved ones and put a smile on their face in this busy last quarter year season! Ps; I really cannot emphasize any further on how much I love my special arrangement for this bouquet. Baby Breaths with a touch of Champagne roses symbolizes everlasting love and tenderness. SUPER SWEET RIGHT?

Hehehe, now you know what flowers to give for your sweet sweet love.
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  1. These are beautiful flowers is there any promo code to buy these flowers.


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