Last lap of Uni life

by - Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Hellu, haven't been updating much. Instead spamming the blog with advertorial, so sorrz for that hahaha.

Anyway. Started Year 3 of film school with quite a bang. Flooding assignments coming in like tsunami, not sparing a single breathing space. So flooded I honestly have no idea how am I gonna cope with this year asdgdsgfsfd. But surprise, surprise. It is not as hectic as I thought it would be. Like when I was in my final year during Diploma BM days, I barely get to sleep. At the very least, for the past 2 weeks since school started, I still got to sleep in 4 times a week, because there are only classes on Monday, Wednesday and Thursdays. Huehueheuhuehue.

So to make my time worthwhile, I actually signed up for Korean classes. Best part, it's free. Because I am finally eligible for Skills Future funds(not even sure if it's a good thing because that would mean quarter age crisis. Not like it didn't hit me earlier, but well.)

My life had been pretty mundane, because it's pretty much just school, home, school, home, weekends, bleh. Unlike past few months where I get to travel and all yknow. Who knows, I might just book a trip and fly out of Singapore for a while mid-way through the semester because I am actually quite free. Ok, maybe not that free, but still yknow, free. #Timemanagement. Hahahahahaha

I am also having some work withdrawal symptoms.... Falling sick more because sku. Like I am never sick when it comes to work?? I could wake early, and get to work early/on time, but it really doesn't work when it comes to school. Prolly because I am spending money to get myself pissed off half the time. Sigh.

One last year to go, I've drained out the last of my bank balance for this semester's school fees lol. Not even sure if I'm gonna get a job over December because that is technically the shooting period for my documentary. Certainly hope that I could la, because my bank balance is honestly hitting a new dry. Dry like sahara desert.

Tbh I am not even sure if I'll graduate. Feels like the entire vision of my documentary is super duper bleak. I don't even know if it will materealize, or work out even. My ideas had been shut down quite a bit due to the nature of the film, and yknow the school wants us to write in to iMDA for fundings and all? I kinda foresee my film not getting the funds la. Then again, you don't really need much to film a documentary with most of the resources already provided, hahaha. Somehow thankful I am not doing fiction film.

I thinking to start writing some short stories and posting them up here though. If I have the time, ha.

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