by - Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Waddup people! I'm here to share some goodies today.

I'm sure most of you are not foreign to online shopping right? Like shopping on Taobao, Amazon and whatsoever type of places, where you get cheaper options of the things you desire. Though the shipping fees can get really crazy sometimes, which defeats the entire purpose of online shopping because it might actually get more expensive after calculating the shipping fees.

Fret not now though! Good news say that ezbuy.sg is currently offering a Prime membership with flat rate for unlimited size and weight for your shipping fees! And the flat rate is only S$2.99?! It's freaking steal lah, so when I log onto to 65daigou the other day and realized they've rebranded to ezbuy, and they are offering a flat shipping rate, I was sold.

I started off getting small little accessories like head bands, t-shirts and yadah, and then I kind of got hooked onto this retail therapy spree..... And went off to buy art materials, shoes, jackets and bag packs LOL. It was a land of no return, because no matter how much I buy, the shipping is capped at S$2.99.

Pretty much meant zero shipping fees unless the product you want is not listed under Prime section. Prime has over a million selection of items, so it is pretty hard for your item to not be listed in there, to be honest.

The site is also easy to navigate with, but just got to make sure you are purchasing it under the Prime option and not the buy-for-me option.

Another good thing about ezbuy.sg is that, they actually inspect the items for you first, to ensure that those are what you ordered before allowing you to arrange a meet-up for collection. Their collection methods are also very versatile, with over 200 free collection points in Singapore, it really isn't too inconvenient honestly. But of course if you are unable to physically collect your parcel, they always have an option to get the stuff mailed to your place. Versatile enough?

My best buy was the iron engraving stamps which weighed at least 2.3kg.

I was lucky enough to get it off Prime at only S$2.99 for shipping LOL. It was totally worth it, I swear.
Retail therapy made easy man, hahahaha.

Anyway, here's a FREE S$10 voucher when you sign up using this link: bit.ly/veevi65. You can use the S$10 credit for your first purchase with ezbuy.sg, but I will not hold responsibilities for your addiction thereafter ah! XD

Have fun shopping!

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