Klenspop: ELLEN 3 Color Gray

by - Thursday, July 14, 2016

Hwallah, hwallah, hwallah!! I am finally back again with yet another pretty lens review hahaha.
I haven't been wearing contact lenses much because it's holiday and then I got fired from my previous job (because I visited the cafe as a customer and then I rejected some pancakes with hair in it) and so I've been sloth-ing at home ever since, for almost a month now.... Just waiting for school to start.

True that I am excited but thoughts of traveling 1 hour just to go to school makes me feel reeeeaaaalllllyyyy sian.

Anyway, here's the lens I got this time from Klenspop.com!

Finally not a sheer grey? Hahahahaha! I really really love this pair of lenses!! It's called the ELLEN 3 Color Gray; I remember the last time I was given the ELLEN Panda Violet and I really really loved that pair of lenses too! Guess I've found myself a favorite series, hahahaha

Like every other Klenspop lenses, they are extremely comfortable and feels as if it doesn't exist in your eyes. It doesn't dry up after long hours of usage, and they remain clear throughout the entire day! Though not recommended to wear your lenses for over 8 hours, it is super unhealthy and your eyes need to breathe.

Design of the ELLEN 3 Color Gray is really similar to caucasian eyes! Every time I wear it I feel like a mix blood, HAHAHA. Who am I kidding, okay fine. I am a pure Asian, but just let me feel mixed for a bit, XD

My features don't even cut for a mix-blood make up T_T .... It's okay, I can fake my eyes.

Anyway, here's a good news! If you're looking for pretty gray lens like the one I'm wearing, the ELLEN 3 Color Gray is going on an offer right now! At only $7.20, this pair of ELLEN 3 Color Gray could be your's!

Join me into feeling mix blood for a while HAHAHA. I'm just kidding!

I really love how this pair of gray lens suits any occasion tho. I could dress down and still wear this and look normal, or dress up and look exotic/classy with it.

They deliver really fast too! Don't forget to check out Klenspop Special Sales for more amazing offers! Free shipping for orders over $80. Get your friends and order together!

Aish here we go... School's gonna start soon, again.

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