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by - Saturday, July 16, 2016

It is finally time for my straightening treatment again. Good lord I waited an entire year for it. I remember the last time I did it was almost exactly 1 year ago, when my previous stylist was still around @ Headlines. How time flies, it's 7 months with Elein already!!

Elein is my legit hair doctor. Whenever I have problems with my head, I just run to her. Be it my hair, my scalp or my brain and frustrations HAHAHA. This is the reason why I love visiting Headlines so much. Elein always listens to my rants and jokes around with me, xD

Anyway, this time, I popped by to get my roots touched up, and straighten wherever that is curly. In case you guys don't know, I actually have extremely curly hair, and it's the super ugly and hard to handle kind. So jialat I can pretty much pass as Steven Tyler from the back if I wasn't so short.

Oh dear god, just no.

WOULD YOU LIVE WITH THIS?! Nope, not me for sure. I was constantly made fun of as a kid because of my curly hair. Everyone would call me maggie mee and such, even until this day, my favorite bimbo still makes fun of my maggie mee locks to every single new friend of mine she meets. /rollseye I hate you Melissa

Imagine that trauma, ohmygod I don't even want to think about it. SO. I make it a point to keep my hair straight ever since I found out about rebonding. I am super conscious even now. When friends tell me it's okay, but I see a curly strand hidden underneath my fringe, I get super freaked out. That is also the reason why I cannot keep bangs for long.... /sad

So jealous of girls who are born with straight hair and fringe that falls nicely to the front........

Annnnddd here I am! Back at Headlines Hairdressing by Artistry for my yearly affair.... Ze almighty MUCOTA Straightening Treatment! Trust me, I will do this a million times if it is able to change my roots.

Unlike your usual rebonding(Who still uses rebonding these days?), the hair straightening treatment softens your hair and improves your hair quality while straightening it. While straightening is my priority, I also got my ombre ends touched up with different color this time.

I call it the ombre, but to be very honest with you, I've never bleached it before, so the color doesn't really show.... Curly hair never mind, they are also too brittle for bleaching. Hahahhaha /fml

The colors are pretty obvious to the eyes though! It's really hard to capture on camera since it isn't very vibrant. Good enough because I wanna look pretty in real life, hehehe. No nice photos never mind XD

Elein then further helped me trimmed my hair ends and gave me the bangs I requested.

I was SO surprised. I never thought I would ever be able to pull off 空氣劉海 because of my curly roots... but Elein made it happened!!!!

She also gave me a straight cut for my hair ends, so that my hair will look fuller and healthier without spilt ends. Just look how amazing it turned out. She did not compromise the length at all! Elein knows how desperately I want to keep my hair long, so she is always very careful whenever she does trimming for me. Hahahahhahaha I love her so much

Anyway, my hair is finally growing la. Legit took it 3 years man. Wish I've never cut it in the first place, sigh. What was I thinking back then /facepalm
Well, at least it's the end of my short hair days and I don't think I will ever want to go back. I'd rather look like Steven Tyler if I ever have to cut my hair short again. UGH

Look for Elein when you book your appointment with Headlines Hairdressing by Artistry and get up to 10% ~ 30% OFF hair services when you quote my name during your visit.

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